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New World is Amazon Game Studios’ other game, a Greedfall-ish MMORPG set to be released in 2021. Players have already been allowed to get a taste of the game, even though for a small window of time. The action takes place on the island of Aeternum, known as the Eternal Isle, and players have to fight against legions of the Corrupted while facing other players at the same time. It’s a nasty, hostile island and the game helps ease things by allowing players to buy a house there. So, today we’re going to cover some features in the Household system in New World.

Why buy a house?

Houses in New World come with certain benefits and skills. First and foremost, owning a house means you can fast-move into it at any time you wish. Not only that, but you’ll also get social bonuses as well, most of which provided by trophies, which we will be exploring in a bit.

Household system in New World

Buying a house in New World

Each area in Aeternum will have at least one settlement, so it’s really up to you to figure out where to settle.

Before you’re allowed to buy a house in a certain area, you will have to be at least level 20 and be in good terms with the folk of that area, meaning you’ll have to raise your reputation. That means doing daily quests, which usually consist of killing a bunch of mobs, doing some urban projects, or obeying factional orders.

Once you reach the necessary requirements to buy a house, you’ll be granted a special skill that will allow you to buy one. Now, choose your location wisely, as you can only have up to three houses on the entire island.

Each house in New World is unique, which is pretty awesome in my opinion, as I hate those template houses everyone gets in some other games. Houses can have different sizes and features. We’re talking balconies, porches, or even just a view to the center of town.

Despite being unique, each area will have a different cultural look, so each settlement will differ from each other. All that said, the price for each house differs as well. The better looking and more positioned a house is, the higher its price goes.

House in New World

Decorating your new home

Amazon Game Studios should be given some credit for this, because they took an immense effort to provide us with hundreds of decorative items to place in our New World homes.

There is absolutely everything you might need, from essential furniture like beds and chairs, to just pretty decorative items to make your house feel like home. I imagine some players might think it’s a bit excessive, but hey, if it’s in the game, we might as well just put it to good use.

But moving on to a more functional part of houses in New World, I have to mention that I love the trophies feature. What is the trophy feature? Well, when you’re playing the game, you will be awarded trophies and you can take them home with you and place them on a wall, table, or another piece of furniture. Doing so will award the player with additional reinforcement, and an increase in damage delivered to mobs. But there is more than just damage buffs, there are also trophies for a lot of different skills, including crafting – my craft-loving heart just skipped a beat.

Trophies have their own levels and will evolve as the game progresses. Simply put, what might look like a small little thing, hardly visible, will eventually grow into a very prominent and extravagant trophy.

The right territory

Now, before buying a house, you might want to consider the place you’re buying it in. Guilds – or as they call it in New world, Companies – are able to occupy settlements on the island of Aeternum and completely take control of that settlement’s economy. We’re talking setting tax rates on properties, markets, and everything else connected to the settlement.

House in New World

The income provided by a settlement will depend on the number of players and NPCs living in that same settlement. But maintaining a settlement isn’t as easy as conquering it. Any Company can conquer settlements, so if you own a settlement, you’ll often find yourself fighting to keep it.

On the other hand, if you have no Company but wish to buy a house, you might want to look for a calm settlement where the owners aren’t constantly changing or fighting to keep it, as it might mean higher tax rates. Or you can choose a settlement taken over by the strongest Company of the moment, which will be significantly harder to remove from that settlement.

Taxes and evictions

Once you buy a house, you’ll start paying a weekly tax to the settlement’s owner Company. If you’re smart, you’ll know to check out the settlement owner’s reputation with taxes, so you know whether they like to change tax rates often or not.

And know that, although failing to pay taxes does not result in direct eviction, all benefits and effects of the house will be suspended momentarily.

As you can see, there is a lot to gain from buying houses in New World, but it’s best to explore the entire island or talk with other players first, in order to figure out the best place to settle.

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