Everything we know about New World, Amazon’s new MMO

If the news missed you, New World is an upcoming MMO that is getting everyone hot and bothered. First of all, it’s developed by Amazon Game Studios. Yes, that Amazon. They have been quietly making games since 2010, although nothing really worth mentioning, until now.

New World takes place in a medieval Earth setting, with the trailer showing plenty of high fantasy action – some if reminiscent of last year’s hit Greedfall. Supposedly New World is packed with a lot of surprises too, so let’s get into everything we know so far!

Everything we know so far about New World

Amazon Game Studios has promised to release New World sometime in May 2020, with no specific date given yet. However, according to Amazon’s own listings, the date is May 26, 2020. That means we are just a couple of months away. In the meantime, you can sign up for the closed beta, which starts in April.

New World is being released as a one-time purchase, rather than with the game-as-service model. There has been no word yet on whether there will be expansions and other features to spend money on, but I would be surprised if there wasn’t.

What will New World play like?

The game begins with the player washing up on Aeternum after their ship sinks. Aeternum is an island which holds the veins of a magical mineral that can either empower someone or corrupt them. Players will discover the ruins of ancient civilizations, contend with corrupted settlers and animals enhanced with magic, and do a lot of exploring and discovery.

Everything we know so far about New World

New World  seems to provide the player with a lot of freedom. Players can train in various careers, create alliances and set up camps all throughout the island. Of course, there’s also crafting and fighting monsters galore. There are PvP modes as well.

What is the Territory Capture system all about?

New World allows players to engage in 50×50 siege battles. To do so, you will first have to join a company. These companies can take over territories and govern them as they please. That includes setting taxes, building houses and crafting stations, and of course, waging war with other territories.

You can’t just attack the enemy’s territory whenever you want. First you declare war and a battle will be scheduled according to the defenders’ preference. This basically means you can’t attack players when they’re offline sleeping due to the time zone differences.

Each battle consists of capturing enemy control points around the fort, bursting the main doors and finally capturing a central point. Speaking of battles, New World‘s combat mechanics will supposedly be very complex for an MMO. To fight well, you will have to completely master dodging and blocking.

Everything we know so far about New World

Taking into consideration everything we know about New World so far, it’s safe to say it looks like a very original and interesting new addition to the genre. And one that is just two months away! I am personally beyond excited. 2020 is shaping up to be an awesome year for MMO games, and if you’re as excited as me you should check out my list on new MMOs coming up this year.

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