Everything we know about New World’s War Mode

New World is an upcoming MMORPG coming out in August 2020, and is definitely on my wishlist. The graphics seem amazing, the story is interesting… But my favorite part of New World is the War Mode. If you have been like me, eagerly devouring all available details on the game so far, then you probably can’t wait.

So, let’s talk about War Mode!

Great battles

The War Mode Season in New World is going to feature 50v50 player fights, with one side defending and the other attacking. There are dozens of settlements across New World’s open world, and players are free to take them as their own. But not without an epic battle first, of course.

Each battle has 30 minutes on the clock, so attackers will have limited time to study the map, plan a strategy and successfully conquer their goal. And we’re not just talking about climbing the walls without getting hit by archers’ arrows. We’re talking siege weapons as well, which should make things interesting.

Much like in Conqueror’s Blade, all over the settlement map there will be capture point objectives. Completing battle objectives will rewards players with battle tokens to spend however they see fit.

Everything we know on New World’s War Mode

I am usually more of a PvE player, but just like Albion Online, this game seems to bring something new to the table, which makes me want to dive into PvP all the way.

The great prize

If you thought fighting big battles in settlements would just give you experience points, money, and loads of loot, you’re wrong. The War Mode was basically created to award battle winners with the settlements where the battle took place.

So, whilst obviously you should do your best to get those first three rewards, your main goal and prize will be keeping the settlement for yourself and your allies.

Why should you want a settlement? Well, settlers – a.k.a. the NPCs within each settlement – will pay the owners of the settlement a tax. That means that running a successful settlement will result in a whole lot of money and quite a few other rewards as well.

Then all you have to do is hold your ground in War Mode matches against players who try to conquer your settlement. It’s the only way you get to keep the settlement you and your allies have fought hard for.

PvPing towards a war

Before being able to take part in a War Mode match to conquer a settlement, opposing New World players will have to do a bunch of PvP quests, in order to determine which 50 players will be attacking the settlement.

What do I mean by that? For example, if two different groups or guilds are looking to conquer a specific settlement owned by someone, those two groups will have to compete in a series of PvP quests. The first group to complete all the quests will win the chance to fight the big fight.

The team who loses the series of PvP quests might try again after a while, but very likely will have to compete with some other group – or even the same group, should they fail to conquer the settlement on their first attempt.

Everything we know on New World’s War Mode

Unexpected enemies

One of my favorite parts so far about New World is the unexpected enemies in battles. Whenever you are in War Mode, you expect to be fighting just the opposing 50 enemies. However, it will never be as simple as that. In fact, whilst you are in War Mode, random NPCs will join the battle as a third party.

They can be from any of the factions of the game, and don’t exactly take sides. That means that at any point NPCs can enter the battle and attack one or both sides, meaning more chaos and unpredictability in the match. Fun, right?

Siege weapons and combat system

Like I mentioned, War Mode matches will feature siege weapons and they can greatly change the odds in battle. Players will be allowed to use cannons, hot oil cauldrons, rail guns and many more siege engine weapons – within reason, as these tools of destruction have cooldowns.

Aside from that, PvP action should also be quite interesting, with awesome class skills and fluid combat mechanics.

Personal thoughts

Right from the announcement, Amazon Game Studios has promised a unique MMORPG, and the way I see it, the War Mode in New World is certainly going to help them accomplish that promise.

From what I can see so far, the game is going to suit both PvE and PvP players. Besides the War Mode, there are town projects, crafting, town progressions and over 700 missions to ensure PvE players have more than enough to do in the game. And for PvP players, well, there’s War Mode, Corrupted Breaches, and soon enough, Invasions.

New World is coming out in August, so we’ll soon find out just how cool – or not – War Mode will be.

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