Explore Roscrea in Skyrim while you wait for Elder Scrolls 6

Everyone who plays MMORPGs is most likely acquainted with the masterpiece that is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It’s one of Bethesda’s finest games, gaining millions of fans over the past nine years.

And two years ago, the new The Elder Scrolls 6 was announced… Though it will take a while for it to actually be released into the world.

Nevertheless, there’s a near-ideal solution to keep players entertained while we wait for the new game: mods. Some of the more prolific modders, banded together under the Beyond Skyrim team banner – have decided to bring life to Skyrim’s surrounding provinces. It’s been a frankly addictive initiative, at least as far as I am concerned.

The Beyond Skyrim team have created a long term plan of exploring 6 different regions: Cyrodiil, Iliac Bay, Roscrea, Morrowind, Elsweyr and Atmora. And so the first mod comes into play: the mysterious island of Roscrea in Skyrim.

Exploring Roscrea while you wait for Elder Scrolls 6

Background story

So, according to legend, a.k.a. the game makers, the island was first conquered by Emperor Uriel Septim V, three years after ascending to the throne. The island lies within the tumultuous Sea of Ghosts, and it is rumored to by ‘frozen in time’.

This region has a very different culture all around, as it has been conquered and bombarded by many people through the ages.

What is there to do in Roscrea?

This ambitious island has quite a lot to offer, like unique plants and animals, entirely new Skyrim factions and locations, and interesting new people.


There are new creatures to face, like the Mithril Hound, which like the name suggests, is made of Mithril. There’s the horned humanoid, Gehenoth. And there is the ferocious Sunvaar Beast which roams around the cold areas of the island. But those are just a taste of what the mod has to offer.

Exploring Roscrea while you wait for Elder Scrolls 6


I’ve always been one to explore games’ open worlds, so this is an especially interesting feature for me. The Skyrim Roscrea mod has a lot of new places for the player to visit. There’s the huge Crane Shore city, which is the base of operations for the East Empire Trading Company. There’s Frulthuul, a town full of Roscrea native.

There is also the northern area of Vengolt, a mysterious settlement on a smaller island, where some of the mod’s most difficult Cults and factions live.


There isn’t much I can tell you about the mod’s quests. The Beyond Skyrim team hasn’t disclosed a lot of info on this part. However, I’m sure that like all of the game’s DLCs, it’ll have enough action to keep all of us Skyrim junkies entertained.

Personal thoughts

The game is almost a decade old and so it’s only natural for some players to start losing interest. However, I feel that Skyrim is truly one of a kind, and the fact that community modders are still expanding it is a testament to that fact. I mean, these new 6 regions projec involves new entire cities and questlines for the game. I honestly can’t wait for the release.

And if you want to take a peak at the new mod Roscrea in Skyrim, just check out this recent developer diary:

Roscrea Developer Diary, May 2020

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