Surviving and thriving solo Fame farming | Albion Online Guide

Albion Online is an amazing game which, despite not being new anymore, is still very fun playing in 2020. Like any good MMORPG, it can be a bit complex, but with the right help, anyone can do well. In today’s guide, I will be exploring multiple ways of surviving solo Fame farming in Albion Online, so stay tuned!

Reforge or respec your gear

Reforging or respecing your gear is one of the most essential things to do before venturing in solo Fame farming. There are countless options on how to improve your gear. The main idea is to transform your gear according to your needs, in order to increase chances to survive.

In my opinion, the best way to prepare yourself for solo Fame farming is to go with full PvP gear. PvP gear will help if you cross paths with red-flagged players. My article about the basic builds for ZvZs in Albion Online might actually help you gear up for the occasion.

When choosing what to spec, consider speed boosts combined with Dash/Blink, as it might help you in a situation where you need to quickly mount and run away.

Choose a good mount

When you go Fame farming as a team, your mount’s speed might not be a priority, but solo farming definitely requires a swift ride. Speed can be the difference between life and death, and so, choosing a fast mount is necessary. I mean, you need at least a T4 horse to get you where you need to go. That way, you will avoid unnecessary situations, like an enemy easily catching up to you.

Use the map to your advantage

Your map is your best friend in this game. It provides a lot of useful information that can end up saving your life and your loot. The map provides a death notifier to warn you when players around you die. This is incredibly useful. Even better, the map shows a red blob when hostiles are headed your way.

But these aren’t the only advantages provided by the map in Albion Online. When you are being chased by other players, you might end up doing a wrong turn into a dead end, which will ultimately get you killed. Studying the map as you go along can keep you from making that mistake.

Make use of the chat

The map is a very useful tool, but it is not enough. When a player around you dies, a skull will appear on the map, but you will hardly ever notice it. For that reason, you must pay attention to the chat notification pop-ups. These pop-ups also notify you when someone in the area has been killed and they are much more noticeable than the skull on the map.

Not only that, but loot pickups appear on the chat, so if anyone in the area picks up anything, you will know it and can act accordingly.

Surviving and thriving solo fame farming | Albion Online

Outsmart the enemy

Solo Fame farming on Albion requires stealth. Bring out the inner ninja in you, and learn to use your surroundings to protect yourself. If you are running away from someone, learn how to make the enemy take the aggro from mobs, especially those who have long-range attacks. They might just dismount the enemy and give you an opportunity to get away.

Also remember to save your sprints for emergencies. Sprinting on Albion Online makes a lot of noise, and will let other players know you are in the area. For this reason, it is important to not sprint across areas you are not familiar with and have no intel on. Saving your sprint for when you actually need it is always the best policy.

Watch out for dungeon zones

A lot of Albion Online players tend to go solo Fame farming in zones with dungeons… only to get killed. There are a billion options of places to go, and I definitely think that zones with dungeons are not the best ones. The likelihood of enemies lurking around is much higher there. There will be full parties wanting to do the dungeons, while other players wait around to gank. And solo players are number 1 on the gank hit list.

Surviving and thriving solo fame farming | Albion Online

Dungeon Maps

While I don’t advise solo players to do solo Fame farming in dungeon zones, the fact remains that dungeons provide a lot of Fame. But there is sort of a loophole. Buying Dungeon Maps can be advantageous to you. You will be the first one to enter the dungeon, which in itself is great. Plus, you can learn how to activate these random dungeons in specific zones, to avoid places with lots of people in them. Be sure to read my guide to learn all about them.

As a final note, remember that when you’re inside a dungeon, you can’t use your mount. It won’t matter how fast your mount is if you can’t use it, so keep that in mind.

I hope that this article on solo Fame farming in Albion  Online helps you in your upcoming solo adventures. And if you are in need of more useful tips, then you might want to start watching Albion streamers!

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