The 50 best emotes in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is one of the most social games ever made. It started an era of great MMORPGs and made a lot of us introverts want to meet the world. One of the best ways to show your feelings in World of Warcraft is by using emotes. For this article I’ve gathered the 50 best emotes in World of Warcraft, whether useful or funny!

The funniest World of Warcraft emotes

  • /train

Choo choo! The /train emote will light a party whenever you are. It is perfect to pass time while the raid leader explains the strategy, or when you want to have fun in Oribos.

  • /chicken

Is your mate scared of that next boss? Target them and let everyone know they’re chickening out.

  • /silly

If you type /silly in the chat, your character will tell a silly joke. Each race has different silly jokes, so you can have fun on long dungeon dives.

  • /sexy   

Feeling sexy today? Be proud of your sex appeal and type /sexy to show everyone how hot you are.

World of Warcraft emotes you can use every day

  • /reload

This one is not especially funny, but it could be one of the most useful emote in World of Warcraft. /reload refreshes your interface, which can often solve interface issues.

  • /challenge

Think you’re tough? Then why not /challenge everyone around, and see who is the strongest.

  • /beg

Fall on your knees and beg everyone around for that 1 gold you need to repair your stuff. Otherwise, if you don’t want to /beg, you could go around and farm a bit to get the money you need.

  • /cackle

Whether you heard a funny joke or saw your teammate die to a boss, /cackle will make you laugh uncontrollably. 

  • /sleep

Feeling tired? Find a comfy spot and lie down with /sleep. Don’t snore too loudly, please.

  • /confused

What time is it? Where are you? Time to use that /confused to express your feelings.

  • /burp

Ironically, burping is probably the least bad of bad manners you can exhibit in World of Warcraft.

  • /fart 

Burping wasn’t enough to disgust your friends? Well, maybe a /fart would do the trick. They might /smell at you afterward, at their own risk. Yes, WoW truly is a classy affair.

  • /beckon   

Got a secret to tell someone? Use /beckon to ask them to come closer to you. Beware if your war mode is on though, as an enemy could feel provoked.

  • /gloat

Let the evil inside you take over and /gloat to make fun of others’ misfortune.

  • /peon

Feeling slavish? /peon will make you crawl servilely. Use at your own discretion.

  • /plead

If your status in Azeroth is still intact after typing /peon all around Oribos, you can lose even more prestige by using /plead. It does exactly as it implies, as you will fall on your knees and desperately plead for forgiveness.

  • /guffaw

When /laugh is not enough, /guffaw is the best emote to pick. It lets out a huge laugh, one that would definitely hurt your cheeks.

  • /rasp   

Feeling naughty? You can scare children away or just provoke someone with /rasp, which makes a rude gesture – just as /rude. 

  • /spit

If you’re an FPS player, chances are you already use this one on a regular basis. Just as its names suggest, /spit lets your character spit on someone else. Or on the floor, if you are a classy spitter. 

  • /moon

Let the moon shine even in Castle Nathria! /moon lowers your pants to show your booty for everyone to see. Luckily, it’s just text-based, and not animated.

  • /cringe   

Uuuh, what happened here? Use /cringe to move slowly backward, grossed out by something – or someone.

  • /curtsey

The first impression is important. If you’re meeting someone and want to do more than salute, /curtsey will make your character bow politely.

  • /violin

Why is life so hard? /violin lets you express all the sorrow you have been holding inside for too long.

  • /grovel

Yes, master! /grovel makes you crawl and pledge allegiance to your master, whoever your target is.

  • /sigh

If you’re tired of something (or someone), /sigh is perfect to express that. You can even add a /shrug for extra drama.

  • /laugh /no

Combine two emotes in one macro to let your teammate know that their dad jokes are not that funny.

The best World of Warcraft emotes to use in a raid

  • /crack

This one is a habit I have before each big fight. Typing /crack will make your character crack their knuckles, just like in old action movies when the hero finally meets the villain. 

  • /flee

The end of the world is near! Everyone, /flee and stay safe! Also useful when you are getting wrecked by a boss and you should fall back.

  • /oom

This emote should be mandatory for healers in World of Warcraft. It announces to your party that you are out of mana and could use a break. 

  • /golfclap

Yay, congrats. No motivation, but still need to clap to stay polite? /golfclap is the perfect emote. You will applaud politely, but without any enthusiasm. 

  • /flex

You’re the most powerful hero of Azeroth, and now is time to show it.

Turn the sound on for a compilation of the two emotes above.

  • /lick

Lick your lips or someone else’s shoes with /lick. It does exactly as its name suggests.

  • /cower

Not everyone is born a fearless hero. Standing right in front of Ragnaros can be intimidating. No one will blame you if you /cower.

  • /pat

Good boy! /pat lets you pet your favorite druid. Or a Tauren, we won’t judge. 

  • /moo

The Tauren you just petted with /pat might try to come back at you with a /moo. Be careful.

  • /question

What is the meaning of life? /question might not give you the answer, but at least you can ask the question.

  • /roar

This one lets you roar at people, showing how fierce and fearless you are.

  • /doom

They better not cross you! With /doom, your character threatens everyone with a cruel spell.

  • /mourn

Your teammate just died before your eyes. You can either make fun of them with /laugh, or pay respect with /mourn.

  • /pray

Sometimes, pure strength isn’t enough, and you could use some extra help. You can /pray to the gods for help, but we can’t guarantee they will answer. 

  • /lost

The best emote to use in Tirna Scithe or Gnomeregan. /lost is a cry for help to your teammates, asking them to come and get you. 

  • /openfire

Let’s go! /openfire let everyone know you are ready to open fire anytime.

  • /kneel

Your hero comes back to the capital city from a dangerous mission. Wish your friends would kneel before your greatness? That’s the emote you should send them.

The best World of Warcraft emotes for parties

  • /dance

The very best World of Warcraft emote. /dance is a staple in most groups while waiting, or in front of the AH. There are even big events with many players dressed up and dancing around. Extra points for the druid dances.

Turn the sound on for this video, it gets even better.

  • /flap

Cluck cluck cluck! Let your inner chicken out with /flap, the emote that will make you roam around imitating a chicken. It also works with /strut.

  • /shake

Shake your undead/Pandaren/dwarven booty! No one will be able to resist your /shake.

  • /puzzled

Wait, what’s going on here? /puzzled is the perfect emote when you just got summoned somewhere, and everyone is dancing around naked. 

  • /flirt

Each race and gender has different flirting lines, so you may need to go Casanova-mode to hear them all. Or head to YouTube, but that’s less fun. 

Did this list of the 50 best World of Warcraft emotes make you want to /dance? Stick around with SQUAD for more cool stuff to do in World of Warcraft!

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