The best Minecraft Dungeons artifacts to carry your party to victory

Minecraft Dungeons recently launched and with plenty of justified buzz around it. Mojang’s newest game is a simplified take on the Diablo series, with all the familiar blocky goodness Minecraft fans have fell in love with over the years. While the game isn’t as robust as Diablo, you shouldn’t underestimate Minecraft Dungeons. The game still offers a challenge when the difficulty is cranked up and your party of four enters a dungeon. If you’re the type to take on a support role, here are some of the best Minecraft Dungeons artifacts to help keep your friends alive.

What is an artifact in Minecraft Dungeons?

You’ll find all sorts of useful bows, weapons and armor to help you on your quest to defeat the Arch-Illager. You’ll also stumble upon artifacts, items with special abilities to clear mobs, heal or protect you from incoming damage. You can have up to three artifacts selected at any time to use in a level.

Let’s look at some of the best Minecraft Dungeons artifacts for healing and supporting your fellow adventurers.

The Totem of Regeneration

I find this artifact is a must-have when the difficulty is ramped up and hordes of enemies bear down on you. Activating it will create an AOE healing circle for several seconds. This item is a fantastic way for you and your team to regain health while you wait for your healing potions to recharge. It can also provide a useful pick-me-up in the middle of battle to keep your health steady if you’re overwhelmed.


The healing from these totems is not quick by any means. However, they are useful for topping yourself up before a big battle when using your full healing potion would be overkill.

The Totem of Regeneration is a great artifact to keep your party alive, as long as they can stand the wait and keep themselves in the area. It pairs rather nicely with the next artifact on this list; the Totem of Shielding.

The Totem of Shielding

This totem becomes essential at higher difficulties. The Totem of Shielding creates a bubble shield that protects you and your party from projectiles. Wisely using this artifact can mean the difference between your party pushing onward, or becoming pincushions for Skeleton arrows.

The Totem of Shielding is useful in several situations when in a dungeon. While it blocks projectiles, you and your party can still fire arrows through it. This gives you space to counter-snipe hordes of Skeleton Archers at no risk. It’s also very useful when an ally is downed and needs to be revived. Pop the bubble shield to keep you safe while you pick up a fallen friend.

You can even use it in conjunction with the Totem of Regeneration to boost your health while you rez in risky situations.  At higher difficulties, hordes of archers will spawn and quickly pick away at your health. The Totem of Shielding gives you valuable time to recover and prepare.

It’s certainly one of the best Minecraft Dungeons artifacts and I recommend multiple party members having the totem on hand for higher difficulties.


Shock Powder

Shock Powder is a handy little artifact designed to give you an opening when mobs descend on you and your party.  Activating it stuns all enemies in your area, giving you a chance to strike or break away from them. While it won’t work on bosses, Shock Powder is a great way to get the upper hand on the monsters in your way.

I found the best use for Shock Powder was to buy a few extra seconds while your teammate is reviving someone. While it’s not a must-have artifact, it’s certainly a useful one when you find yourself in a tricky situation while adventuring.

Wind Horn

The Wind Horn is another excellent artifact to have on hand in emergencies. Activating it pushes mobs in your area four blocks away, and slows them for ten seconds. It’s a great artifact to use when your party’s been surrounded by the dungeon’s hordes.

I find it is most useful when someone needs to be revived. Using it to keep mobs at bay while a teammate is down can buy you enough time to get those risky resurrections off. For that reason, the Wind Horn is another useful item to keep in your back pocket for when you’re overrun.

Soul Healer

The Soul Healer artifact is a healing  item that requires a bit of battling to get working, but is well worth the effort. The item requires souls to use, which are earned by killing mobs. You’ll see a bar begin to fill up as you kill enemies when this is equipped. Once you earn enough souls, you’ll be able to activate it and heal yourself and a nearby ally who’s been injured as well.


The Soul healer offers faster and more reliable healing item over the Totem of Regeneration, so it’s definitely an upgrade if you can find one.  While it’s not as potent as the health potion you have, it’s a nice way to top up you and a friend in the middle of battle.

Plenty of combinations

With  all the artifacts to find and earn in Minecraft Dungeons, there are plenty of combinations to try out in your quest. This is a collection of the better support items in the game, but items like the Fireworks Arrows, Iron Hide Amulet and Death Cap Mushroom are also very useful items to equip.

What’s your favorite trio of artifacts to use in a dungeon run? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to SQUAD for more gaming guides, tips and news.

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