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Core Set 2021 Draft Guide – Colorless | Magic: The Gathering

Welcome back to another Core Set 2021 Draft guide for Magic: The Gathering! Last time, I went over all the gold cards. Today, we will be looking at all the colorless cards.

Before I get into my rating for each card, here’s a brief overview of my Core Set 2021 Draft Guide rating system.

  • 1 – Bad card or only useful in the sideboard
  • 2 – Passable, but not something I would pick early or often
  • 3 – A solid card I’m happy to pick most of the time
  • 4 – Powerful cards that provide a lot of value on their own
  • 5 – Cards that will almost always win the game if your opponents can’t deal with them

Now that we know how I’ll be rating each card, let’s get straight into the ratings.

Core Set 2021 Draft guide – Colorless

core set 2021 draft guide

Animal Sanctuary – 3

Animal Sanctuary can provide a good amount of value throughout a game. All the listed creature types are relevant in this set and can be found at common rarity.

core set 2021 draft guide

Chromatic Orrery – 0

This card is great for Commander but does nothing in a limited environment. You want to play threats at 7-mana, not ramp cards.

core set 2021 draft guide

Chrome Replicator – 2 

I want to like Chrome Replicator, but I think it’s just too inconsistent. Not only do you need duplicate creatures in your deck, but you also need to have this card on the battlefield. The payoff is there, but I don’t think you should have to go out of your way to make this card work.

Epitaph Golem – 1.5

The activated ability of Epitaph Golem is useless unless you’re up against a mill deck. Also, a 5 mana 3/5 stat line is very underwhelming, making this card a bad filler card.

Forgotten Sentinel – 1.5

I think if they didn’t force Forgotten Sentinel to come in tapped, it would be a fine inclusion for most decks. I’d avoid this creature unless I really needed more 4 power creatures in my deck.

core set 2021 draft guide

Mazemind Tome – 3.5

Mazemind Tome is an auto-include in any deck. It provides you with a consistent source of card draw and can gain your life later on in the game.

core set 2021 draft guide

Meteorite – 1.5
Paying 5 mana just to Shock a creature at sorcery speed seems pretty meteor-cre if you ask me. Also, by the time you reach turn 5, you don’t want to be ramping anymore.
core set 2021 draft guide

Palladium Myr – 3.5

Palladium Myr is an extremely efficient ramp creature. It allows you to play your 6-mana creatures on turn 4, which can completely blow out your opponent.

Prismite – 1.5

You should only be including Prismite into your deck if you are in 3+ colors and are desperate for fixing.

Radiant Fountain – 2

If you have cards that require you to gain 3 life in one turn, Radiant Fountain becomes a great inclusion. Otherwise, I’d avoid this card and include a color land instead.

core set 2021 draft guide

Short Sword – 1.5

I would cut Short Sword most of the time. Short Sword was great in Dominaria because of historic. However, in this set, Short Sword’s only decent usage is to occasionally help activate 4+ power synergies.

core set 2021 draft guide

Silent Dart – 1 

There are better removal spells out there.

core set 2021 draft guide

Skyscanner – 2.5

Skyscanner is a great filler for any deck and is even better in a UW flying deck.

core set 2021 draft guide

Solemn Simulacrum – 4

There’s no reason not to include Solemn Simulacrum in your deck. It fits into any deck and provides you with free card advantage, fixing, and board presence.

core set 2021 draft guide

Sparkhunter Masticore – 2

Sparkhunter Masticore can be a decent inclusion in aggro decks that can afford to throw away land in hand. However, you rarely want to be discarding a card to cast a spell unless the payoff is extremely high.

Tormod’s Crypt – 0

There aren’t many graveyard synergies in this set, making Tormod’s Crypt useless.

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon – 5

Ugin will almost always win you the game the moment you cast it.


This concludes my Core Set 2021 draft guide. I plan on creating these guides every time a new set comes out, so make sure to stay tuned to SQUAD for more Magic: The Gathering content and guides.
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