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Top 5 Zendikar Rising Commander cards in Magic: The Gathering

The newest Magic: The Gathering set, Zendikar Rising, brings some exciting new cards for Commander players. The best part about this set is the support it’s giving to a bunch of less popular tribes in Commander. After looking in-depth at the newest cards, I’ll be covering the top 5 best Zendikar Rising cards for Commander in Magic: The Gathering.

Top 5 Best Zendikar Rising Commander Cards

5. Moraug, Fury of Akoum

Moraug, Fury of Akoum has opened up some crazy one-turn kill combos. This minotaur makes it so that you will always have two or more attack phases, as long as you have a land enter the battlefield. Even common land cards like Evolving Wilds will allow you to attack your opponents 3 times in one turn!

On top of all of that, Moraug makes your creatures stronger with every attack, without having to attack himself!

If your opponents aren’t properly prepared to defend or remove Moraug the turn he’s played, they will be taking an insane amount of damage.

4. Valakut Awakening

Red finally gets access to card draw! Some players are going to argue that red already had some decent card draw spells, but  Valakut Awakening isn’t just card draw, it’s a good card draw. What red normally gets is random and chaotic draw effects; however, Valakut is selective, instant-speed card draw, opening up new strategies. For example, you can keep Valukut Awakening in your hand to replace all you Mountains to find threats, or use it as a land itself.

Plus, the “draw that many cards plus one” text is very relevant. It means that during any stage of the game, Valukut Awakening will always have value by drawing you at least 1 card.

3. Ancient Greenwarden

Ancient Greenwarden is absolutely disgusting. If we learned anything from Panharmonicon, it’s that doubling up on triggers is extremely powerful. Greenwarden’s effect only applies to lands, but that shouldn’t be a problem since we basically have access to Crucible of Worlds as well.

Some cards that work really well with Ancient Greenwarden include Avenger of Zendikar and Lotus Cobra. Just imagine the possibilities when you’re doubling up on tokens or mana!

Overall, picking up this card is a must for anyone who plans on playing a lands-matter Commander deck.

2. Confounding Conundrum

I believe that Confounding Conundrum is always going to find value in almost any game that it plays. Why? Because we’re in a meta that lets players stuff so much land ramp into their decks without being punished. Cards like Evolving Wilds, Exploration, and Explosive Vegetation are ramping players without many drawbacks.

Confounding Conundrum stops all that ramp, while also replacing itself with a card. For 2-mana, there isn’t a better deal out there. With that said, Confounding Conundrum doesn’t prevent you from ramping with those cards.

If you are the type of player who enjoys ramping while also preventing your opponent from doing the same, then you’ll love Confounding Conundrum.

1. Lithoform Engine

Speaking of Panharmonicon, Zendikar Rising introduced a new 4-mana powerhouse artifact in the form of Lithoform Engine. It is, quite frankly, a strictly better version of Panharmonicon.

The wording on Lithoform Engine is a little weird, but essentially, this card copies anything you want it to. Whether it be an ability, spell, or permanent, this card will create a copy of it. Just remember that you can only copy them on the stack. For example, if you wanted to copy Ancient Greenwarden, you would have to do it while casting Ancient Greenwarden.

Thankfully, all of Lithoform Engine’s abilities require you to tap it. This means that players can only use a single effect once per turn.

This concludes my thoughts on the Top 5 Zendikar Rising Commander cards in Magic: The Gathering. There’s a bunch of new crazy cards being introduced in Zendikar, so please feel free to let me know what cards you are most excited about!

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