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Everything you need to know about Xbox Series X

CES 2020 is still going full steam in Las Vegas. While Sony officially unveiled a tiny, insignificant part of PlayStation 5, Microsoft shed some more light on the upcoming Xbox Series X. We know that Halo Infinite and  Hellblade 2 are coming to the new console, but now more interesting things about the specs within the box have been revealed.

First off, head of Xbox Phil Spencer changed his Twitter profile picture to an image of the Series X’s CPU. The most interesting tidbit is that the console will be able to output 8K. It seems like it was only a short time ago when the industry was clamoring over 4K.

We also got our first new Xbox “controversy”. A render of the console’s ports was revealed, except AMD showed an image that was taken from another site and not directly from Xbox.

There’s just one problem: it’s not real. In a statement, AMD indicated that the Series X imagery came from TurboSquid, a repository for 3D files. It’s not clear why AMD sourced an unofficial render, but it certainly gave the impression to many (including us) that it was an accurate depiction.

Launching with momentum

Fortunately, Microsoft was quick to correct the error. Aside from that mix-up, Xbox Series X has a lot going for it at the moment, both in terms of technical specs and in how much social media love it’s getting. It’s definitely a great time to be an Xbox fan.

I talked in a recent article that features like backward compatibility, and services such as Game Pass are vital to the Xbox brand. Having first-party titles launch on Game Pass and alongside the console means the install base for Halo Infinite this holiday will be through the roof.  We also know that plenty of games are in the works for the new console as well.

In an Xbox Wire post, Phil Spencer mentioned that all 15 Xbox Game Studios are developing for the console. Right off the bat, we know that Microsoft is determined to make a mark in the next-generation. With Hellblade 2 and Halo Infinite leading the charge, the Series X is already appealing.

Last but not least, the Series X is slated to be the most powerful console on the market at launch. You have heard the phrase “twice as powerful as the One X”, because that is what the new console really is. There is something about the combination of raw power and backwards compatibility, that is just so perfect. The price tag associated with that perfection is still a mystery, however.

The Xbox Series X is expected to launch in Q4 2020. In the meantime stick around – we’ll be sure to update you all if there are new Xbox Series X announcements.

This may be coming from me as a self-professed Xbox fanboy, but the future is looking pretty bright right now.

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