Grand Theft Auto 6 Rumor Mill Roundup

It’s been almost eight years since Grand Theft Auto 5, which of course means one thing: it’s rumor time! It is no wonder that players are searching for clues withing GTA 5 to try and figure out what the next game could be like. Dropping Easter egg hints in games is something that Rockstar Games has done in the past, and some new possible clues have surfaced in the last couple days.

Rumors and Theories

The addition of the Diamond Casino Heist DLC seemingly teased potential locations for GTA 6. In the teaser trailer for the DLC, the only continent that was highlighted was South America. This was likely a hint at a possible location for GTA 6. Accompanying that, an in-game billboard also aligns with the rumors of the location of GTA 6.

Many of the rumors swirling around posit that the game is going to be focused on Central America and the drug rings which operate there. To further fuel the rumors, an in-game drug smuggling company called “Six Figure Temps” runs a website which mentions Central and South America. If that wasn’t enough of a coincidence, the website is sponsored by an airline named Adios Airlines which is a Puerto Rican airline. If you want to get deeper down this rabbit hole, check out their website in real life.

GTA Online: The Diamond Casino Heist

Another, much more specific Grand Theft Auto 6 rumor rolling around is that the game is under development using the codename “Project Americas”. The rumors attached to that theory claim that the game will take place in Vice City and the storyline will take players to various Latin American locations, as well as being able to revisit Liberty City. As a whole, the rumors claim that the game will be a riff on Narcos from Netflix. It would put players in the shoes of an up-and-coming drug dealer who then expands their network to overseas.

In the past, Rockstar has been known to tease upcoming games within their existing titles.Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony mentioned Los Santos, for example. GTA 5 was released four years later, so it’s not a stretch to believe that a game released almost eight years ago is hinting at possibilities for the next installment.

No one knows for sure what the game will be, but a speculative release window could be anywhere from late 2020, to 2022. Even though that seems like a longer wait time than most games, as fans of Grand Theft Auto games know, the longer it takes to release the game, the more it will have to offer.

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