Marvel’s Avengers beta period starts August 7

Next War Table presentation scheduled for July 29

It looks like the Marvel’s Avengers game being developed by Crystal Dynamics – of Tomb Raider and Legacy of Kain fame – is chugging along nicely. According to YouTube content creator Eren “Caboose” Cose, an official beta for Marvel’s Avengers is set to drop on August 7. The beta will at first be exclusive to PlayStation players who pre-ordered the game. However, Xbox and PC players will also get their chance to play the beta (provided they also pre-ordered), beginning on August 14. On August 21, the beta will be open to all, including those who didn’t pre-order.

That’s not all the news revealed recently. The game’s developers have also scheduled another War Table presentation for July 29. According to the official news post, the July 29 War Table will primarily focus on what can be expected in the beta. However, if it’s going to be anything like the previous War Table, lots more info will drop on story content for the full game. We should also expect a “surprise or two.”

Marvel's Avengers Game - Official Beta Release Date CONFIRMED, DLC Character Reveal THIS MONTH?!

Caboose was quick to note that the beta being so close to the game’s release date on September 4, 2020 is a bit of a concern. This is because odds are players are going to find bugs, and developers need time to fix bugs. Still, Crystal Dynamics have a good track record of producing solid games, so we are not that worried.

If you want to see for yourself what Crystal Dynamics are capable of, Rise of the Tomb Raider is free to PlayStation Plus subscribers all through July.

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