Smite’s new update brings Mulan to the arena

7.2 has been showcased to the community, along with the latest god Mulan

We are only a few weeks into Season 7 of Smite, and we already got to meet our new goddess. Yesterday developer TitanForge showcased the new Smite patch and the latest addition to the Battleground of the Gods: Mulan. She arrives alongside a flurry of balance changes and skins included in patch 7.2.

Mulan the Ascendant Warrior will be entering as a warrior (obviously) with a very interesting kit. Her passive, Training Arc, is based around her equipment, and it somewhat reminds of recent League of Legends entry Aphelios. Mulan has three weapons that scale up as you use them. Her sword, spear and bow give Mulan’s kit a lot of additional punch as you do damage with them.

The sword gives Mulan an additional attack and gives her extra attack speed. Her spear grants healing, an additional attack and 5% additional power. Finally, her bow gives her the ability to grapple to a wall and additional movement speed. This weapon can also be used to pull enemies closer, which also grants Mulan Protection.

Mualn’s ult is a combo attack with all three weapons, and using it stacks her passive as well, and provides plenty of utility. She performs a sword attack which roots enemy gods hit, then the spear knocks them up which sets them perfectly up for the bow projectile at the end of the ult.

Smite patch
Mulan’s passive looks overwhelming at first but looks fun to utilise (Picture: Hi-Rez Studios)

Mulan’s kit is very interesting and could be very fun in-game. She provides a lot of damage with her sword and spear. Her bow allows her to close the distance to enemy gods as she can bring them to her, or close the gap by grappling to a wall. The ability also gives her CC immunity while grappling towards a god so it provides plenty of outplay potential.

Along with Mulan, this Smite patch introduces some great skins for Odin, Agni, and Poseidon. The patch will also include balance changes, starting with nerfs to Bastet, Heimdallr, Odin, Susano, Thor and Yemoja, coming on Feb. 11. Xbalanque, AMC and Raijin will be buffed with the official arrived of the Ascendant Warrior patch on Feb. 25. This will also come with slight nerfs to Camazotz, Kukulkan, Ne Zha and Khumbakarna.

You can check out the full list of changes in the official Smite patch notes.

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