The free GTA 5 offer crashed the Epic Games Store

That's gonna be a yikes from me

So you may have heard that Grand Theft Auto V  – or GTA 5  as some of us call it – is currently free on the Epic Games Store. And if you tried to take advantage of that offer yourself, you may have found out that’s currently pretty much impossible.

GTA 5 released back in 2013, and was incredibly popular from the get-go. Over the past seven years it’s just kept on chugging along, pumping out update after update — requiring more and more real-world money in order to keep up. And that doesn’t look like it’s changing. With GTA 5 coming out completely free on the Epic Games Store, that now opens you up to spend your money on Shark Cards– or anything else I suppose. That’s the way you complete a microtransaction for the game, you pretty much uh.. Buy? Yeah, you buy a credit card.

All in all, GTA 5 is a great game with an incredible story mode that puts you into the shoes of three “ordinary” men who may or may not be sociopaths in disguise. If that sounds like a fun time, then this game is for you!

Good luck getting it though, as the Epic store has pretty much been down all day. In true EGS fashion, the store isn’t open at the moment. Epic has acknowledged this and are working on a fix. For now, it looks like you’ll just have to keep the client open and hope it loads you in.

This situation could also be partly cause by Epic Games’ Epic Mega Sale 2020 currently being on, but let’s be honest. It’s definitely mostly the fault of GTA 5 being free.

The sale runs from May 14 to June 11 and features deals as big as 75% off – with the added bonus of players being able to claim a $10 coupon for the store, and that’s pretty cool.

So get out there and check out the deals, or uh, try to.

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