All-female esports org Sailor Scouts join Northern Arena and Mirage Esports

On June 28, Canadian esports org Northern Arena officially unveiled their partnership with the all-female team Sailor Scouts. The Scouts are being integrated with Northern Arena’s Mirage team to create a new entity under the name Mirage Scouts. Mirage Scouts have a professional Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege rosters.

Northern Arena will provide the support and funding to help the Mirage Scouts reach their goal: enabling as many women to join the fold in the esports industry, and to break down the gender disparity and barriers within the community.

“I’m happy to welcome the Scouts to the Northern Arena family,” said Northern Arena Founder and CEO Carl-Edwin Michel. “I’m a strong advocate for diversity in the gaming and esports industry. With the Scouts joining us, we’ll be able to help their passionate players achieve success on Canadian and international stages.”

Sailor Scouts is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. The team was co-founded by Veronique Bouffard and Stephanie Yan and has grown to support many more esports enthusiasts and players since its humble inception. The team has also become infamous for their “Fight Like a Girl” motto and vocal support for women in the competitive gaming scene.

“I’m very proud of how far the Sailor Scouts have come. I never could have imagined a better outcome to our story when we launched the project almost five years ago,” said Bouffard, who is now the Mirage Scouts Esports Director. “For me, it’s a dream coming true – knowing that from now on there will be an active professional all-women esports team in Quebec. I’m looking forward to seeing our players shine internationally, thus helping Quebecers shine.”

You can keep up with Mirage Scouts via their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The team also has a Discord for more news and updates.

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