Amuka Esports acquires eNASCAR team High Performance Motorsports

2020 has been an enormous year for iRacing, and Amuka Esports is building momentum with its acquisition of High Performance Motorsports.

At the initial outbreak of COVID-19, most public events, including motorsports, were canceled due to public health concerns. One esport that took full advantage of this opportunity was iRacing, satisfying the motorsport fan’s itch for action. Today, Amuka Esports has acquired the eNASCAR iRacing team, High Performance Motorsports (HPM). Founded back in 2014, HPM has over 3,780 iRacing wins under their belt, making them one of the top teams in the iRacing scene. More recently, HPM placed two drivers in the 2020 eNASCAR iRacing Coca-Cola World Series.

“We feel eNASCAR has the potential to be the next top tier esport,” said Amuka Esports CEO Ben Feferman. “While non-endemic sponsors don’t always understand the traditional MOBA or FPS games, almost everyone understands the basics of racing.”

It was an eNASCAR event that set a television record earlier this year during the eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series. The event pulled in over 1.3 million viewers, which is roughly around half of the 2019 NASCAR Cup Series viewership per race.

HPM was founded by members Brandon Hauck, Brodie Kostecki & Daniel Roeper after ascending to the eNASCAR PEAK Antifreeze Series (World Championship). HPM is a seasoned outfit, having placed drivers in the eNiCCS since their founding in 2014, fielding cars in all but three years. HPM has also qualified for the eNASCAR iRacing Pro Series in all six years of its existence. HPM drivers have earned two eNiCCS World Championship victories, 10 eNASCAR iRacing Pro Series victories, 12 eNASCAR iRacing Road-to-Pro Series victories and over 3,780 amateur victories in the last six years.

The latter half of the year is the off-season for eNASCAR and iRacing, but the team will be preparing for its 2021 season.

Malik Shelp

I am a digital media specialist focusing on the entertainment industry and producing visual and written content. I began in the music industry covering music festivals and interviewing artists before transitioning to sports. I primarily cover Overwatch, Call of Duty, and occasionally Fortnite and CS:GO.

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