Apple’s new M1 chip will see games performing better on Mac

Apple recently held its One More Thing event, where the company detailed its transition away from Intel processors. During the livestream, Apple revealed its own newly designed M1 chip. This new silicon will be featured in the announced MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini.

Apple’s M1 chip brings a few notable improvements to the table for games. It’s been noted that the processor has up to 3.5x faster CPU performance and up to 6x faster GPU performance when compared to Intel’s Ice Lake processor. The M1 chip is also reportedly able to deliver up to 15x faster machine learning. Plus, the company ensures a longer battery life than previous generation Macs.

New Mac products

Transitions like these don’t always go off without a hitch.  While gaming has never been a primary focus for Mac products, certain features may speak to players. The new MacBook Air is said to not feature a fan, meaning that while playing games, the device will run silently. This is coupled with supporting higher resolutions and less loading times.

Additionally, the new 13-inch MacBook Pro has an expected 17-hour battery life, letting players stay in the game for longer. Finally, the Mac Mini sports an impressive 2TB SSD. Games will run smoother and more efficiently on the M1 chip. Content creators will also reap the benefits of faster rendering time while editing videos.

During the event, Apple explained that the upcoming Big Sur macOS update will also enable iOS apps to run on Mac products. While this is not a sought after feature, it does mean that Among Us can be run through iOS on Mac rather than Steam.

Releasing these three products with the M1 chip supporting them is the first step in Apple’s two year transition period. The company will continue to refine the processor over time and expand its family of chips. Only time will tell how Apple’s M1 chip will cater to games even further in the future.

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