ArcheAge holds post-Defiance giveaway – here’s how to get it

If you play Defiance or its spinoff Defiance 2050, you probably know by now that developer Trion Worlds is shutting down both titles on April 29. Their reasoning is pretty self-explanatory: the two games, as fun as they may be for their dedicated communities, are not sustainable anymore. More details on the subject can be found in the official closure statement.

There is a silver lining, however. To motivate players to stick around with other Trion Worlds properties, the company is holding a giveaway (in the form of in-game currency or loot, I imagine) for most of their other games. And here’s where the bad news for Defiance players turns into good news for ArcheAge players.

Between now and May 31, 2021, you can claim the giveaways by using the following codes in each game:

  • ArcheAge Unchained – WELCOMEARKHUNTERAAU

You can only claim each code once per account, although it seems that you can grab the loot even if you don’t currently have a Defiance account, or have never played any Trion Worlds games before.

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