Battle royale Scavengers should be back online in March

In a Jan. 19 overview of their last closed beta, Scavengers developer Midwinter Entertainment announced the next time the game will be available to players should be in March. The update is pretty lengthy and details a lot of interesting discoveries made during the closed beta, and a number of things players should expect from the game in its next iteration.

If you’re unfamiliar, Scavengers is an experimental PvPvE battle royale that sounds on paper a lot like The Cycle. The action takes place in a snow-bound landscape, and players have to contend with not only each other, but also a hostile environment.

Scavengers - Official Gameplay Trailer

It’s not clear if Scavengers will run another closed beta, enter early access (less likely), or straight up launch in earnest (I don’t see it happening this soon), but whatever happens, it should happen in March.

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