Bethesda’s Archero-like shooter Mighty Doom is in early access on mobile

Here’s something that’s been going on at least since mid-December 2020 and wasn’t on my radar: Bethesda is bringing the Doom IP to Android as Mighty Doom, a simplistic top-down shooter with a Funko POP!-like aesthetic. The identity of the source material is almost entirely missing, and having an identity doesn’t seem to have been a design goal for this game anyway.

For those of you lucky enough to be unfamiliar with current mobile gaming trends, Archero is a highly successful and much-cloned arcade game, and Mighty Doom appears to borrow almost all of its gameplay from it. In both games, players move around simple grid-based arenas, shooting down increasingly more difficult hordes of enemies and picking up upgrades in between stages. The two games play almost identically.

Mighty Doom is currently in early access with less than 200 total downloads as I write this. Bethesda aren’t exactly dooting the horn for it, either. The game doesn’t seem to be advertised anywhere, and I don’t see an official press release about it. It’s also interesting that they’re attaching their name to this after suing Behaviour Interactive in 2018 over another mobile game Bethesda described as a “blatant rip-off.”

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