Cancelled fantasy FPS Hellraid is being revived as Dying Light DLC

With Dying Light 2 still not having a confirmed release date and being delayed indefinitely, Techland has teased a new DLC for Dying Light. This new paid DLC will take us into a new game mode based on Techland’s unrealeased game Hellraid. Here’s what we can expect in the Hellraid DLC.


Surprisingly, Hellraid still has a live website. The game was announced in 2013 and showed a lot of promise, but it was put on indefinite hold in 2015 when Techland geared up their Dying Light development.

DLC Hellraid
Image found on the Hellraid website.

Hellraid was marketed as a first person hack-and-slasher set in a fantasy world. The game pits you as a demon slayer who must fight back the invading hordes of Hell. Kind of gave me Doom vibes, and it looks a bit like Painkiller or the upcoming Witchfire.

What I found most interesting was the descriptions of weapons found in the game. Techland boasted that you would be able to use an assortment of swords, hammers and axes with diverse fighting styles, while also fighting from a distance with crossbows, lightning spells and other magic.

DLC Hellraid

What can we expect?

With solely the release of a teaser trailer, I don’t know what to expect from this DLC. All Techland has confirmed is that we will be getting a new dungeon area, new weapons, and new enemy types. I hope that Techland goes the route of a longer DLC, with more story or even a short campaign, along the lines of Dying Light: The Following. I also hope that we get to wield some magic, because that will drastically change the pace of the game.

Techland continues to roll out consitent updates and events for Dying Light. For more information about the Hellraid DLC and to add it to your wishlist, check out the Steam page.

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