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Cloud9 to battle Evil Geniuses in the LCS 2022 Spring Split final

The journey towards the LCS 2022 Spring Split final continues with two best-of-five series that saw Cloud9 sweep Golden Guardians and Evil Geniuses defeat Flyquest. Both will advance one step closer to the North American championship trophy.

Cloud9 vs Golden Guardians

After suffering a loss at the hands of 100 Thieves in their first series, Cloud9 started their lower bracket run with a clean sweep against Golden Guardians. The series was marked by the stellar performance of C9’s mid laner Ibrahim “Fudge” Allami, and the LCS debut of support player Jonah “Isles” Rosario. 

The Fudge factor was on full display during game one, as C9’s mid-laner gave Golden Guardians a really hard time on Viktor. The Oceania player came online early in the game after a quadra kill during a teamfight. He was able to end the first duel with a score of 7/0/9. 

The second game saw Park “Summit” Woo-Tae be the centerpiece of C9’s victory. Summit’s Ornn pick forced his laning counterpart, Eric “Licorice” Ritchie to lock in Gwen, a pick that he only played once before. Despite his limited experience on the champion, Licorice was a huge presence in teamfights and the mid-game. Unfortunately for his team, the C9’s carries were too much to handle and the Guardians had to face elimination.

For the final game of the series, the duo of Fudge and Summit were able to show their dominance on the Rift with the assistance of their jungler Robert “Blaber” Huang, to end Golden Guardians playoff journey. 

Cloud9 will now face the winner of Flyquest and Evil Geniuses. During the post-game interview, Fudge went on to say that he has a lot of confidence to reach the final stages in Houston.

Flyquest vs Evil Geniuses

The second series of the week saw Evil Geniuses defeat Flyquest 3-1 to advance in the playoffs. It was Evil Geniuses that drew first blood on the back of the early pressure made by Kacper “Inspired” Słoma on Xin Zhao. The European jungler dominated the early parts of the game with his ability to gather kills and objectives. Despite the difficult beginning that saw Flyquest’s mid-laner Loïc “toucouille” Dubois being focused down, the number five seed was able to fight back a little bit, but it was too late, Evil Geniuses took the early lead in the best-of-five series. 

After seeing their nexus explode, Flyquest decided to draft a composition focused on the early game with Toucouille on Ahri. The strategy paid off initially. The Flyquest squad won many team fights in the early game and saw Toucouille go on a rampage on Ahri. Despite the large lead gathered by Flyquest, Evil Geniuses were able to swing back the game in their favor after obtaining the Elder Dragon buff and two kills in a fight that could have decided the fate of the game. In the end, it was a backdoor by Colin “Kumo” Zhao that tied the series at 1-1 in the longest game of this split. 

This loss didn’t seem to shake Evil Geniuses confidence as they succeeded in winning the next two games. EG closed things out with a dominant victory by only allowing Flyquest three kills in the last game. 

The table is now set for a confrontation between Evil Geniuses and Cloud9. This is shaping up to be an exciting series, with both Fudge and Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme firing verbal shots at each other during their post-game interviews. Vulcan will look to take down his former organization when they meet on April 17.

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