Could the Google Pixel Watch be an unexpected mobile gaming boon?

Gaming... on a watch

I know what you’re thinking and no, I’m not about to advocate gaming on your Google Pixel Watch… that said, I don’t doubt it could do that. Honestly, though, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s footage of Doom running on a Pixel Watch months from now.

Google’s Pixel Watch, like the rest of the Pixel line, is simplistic and aesthetically pleasing. It’s basically google at the touch of your wrist – with tons of the same great Android Wear functionality you may already enjoy. The Pixel Watch can keep track of your health, keep you connected, and let you access your favorite Google apps right on your wrist. The Pixel Watch lasts up to 24 hours and supports fast charging while sporting a new, better Wear OS – version 3.5. It’s also pretty sleek looking if I do say so myself.

Google Pixel Watch gaming
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Wearers also get access to tons of Fitbit functionality, like Fitbit premium, sleep/heart rate tracking, and tons of other health and fitness features. Depending on who you ask, fitness is somewhat like a game, right? I suppose you could also take it a step further and use your Pixel Watch to track your exercise while playing Ring Fit Adventure. I probably would. If anything I would use the built-in speakers to play Ring Fit music during an actual workout.

Gaming on a watch?

Okay, I know there isn’t a ton of gaming functionality, but that doesn’t mean there’s none. I mean, the watch is essentially a wrist-computer, so why are you surprised people would want to game on it? Wear OS does support some gaming of course. I’m not saying you’re going to be playing Warzone on your watch, but you do have some decent options for wrist-mounted gaming. It has 32 GB of storage to make use of too. I mean, there’s even a full-fledged old-school RPG that you can play on your wrist! Tell me that’s not at least kind of cool. You can’t because it’s so cool.

Not to mention how you can use the Pixel Watch to keep track of your favorite games. I use the Warframe Companion app on my phone, and my watch helps me keep track of things like special alerts and crafting timers. It may not seem like a lot, but when you’re bored and need a distraction, or you’re deep into the grind, it’s more helpful than you think. Alternatively, we can unpack why you’re so attached to your games that you want your watch to keep you up to date. That’s a whole other conversation for another time though.

The Pixel Watch may not be taking the mobile gaming world by storm anytime soon, but if you’re into the Pixel line of devices, then it definitely fits into your ecosystem while still supplying you some great gaming capabilities.

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