Country life sim Green Adventure – Farmer’s Friends out on Nintendo Switch

The next installment of the My Universe series of life sims is called Green Adventure – Farmer’s Friends, and it is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam.

The game follows the peaceful and satisfying gameplay loop of harvesting, crafting, and building your own rural community that players would be familiar with from previous My Universe installments, or other life sims like Animal Crossing. The twist here is that Green Adventure puts an emphasis on environmentally responsible farming, subtly reminding players of the real-life importance of sustainable agriculture in the face of climate change.

Below is an overview of Green Adventure – Farmer’s Friends provided by the publisher Microids:

  • Become an environmentally friendly farmer! Explore your farm’s surroundings, clear your overgrown fields and find a new way to fertilize your crops. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to dig and water your crops regularly to reap the fruits of your labor. Be sure to follow the complete production cycle of a green farmer! Every day is an adventure thanks to the different quests.
  • Make some animal friends! During your adventure, you will be in charge of the entire farmyard, cows, hens, goats, sheep, ducks, and more. You’ll have to renovate various buildings to home your new companions. Care for them, show them plenty of affection and have fun with them thanks to the many mini games.
  • Meet the villagers’ needs! The further you progress in your adventure, the larger your choice of seeds will get. Flowers, fruits and vegetables, pay close attention to the villagers’ orders to be sure to meet their needs. With a little creativity you will improve your recipes and create new flavors for your yogurts, jams, etc. It’s up to you to show off your local production and your traditional recipes to the village’s inhabitants!
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