Crucible unveils upcoming features and improvements

In a May 26 update video, Crucible developers unveiled their plans for the game’s upcoming round of features and improvements, including built-in voice and text chat, better map legibility, and a surrender option. The video itself was pretty short, but it announced the studio is working on a lot of features and improvements for Crucible.

Better communication tools

The bulk of the details from from franchise leader Colin Johanson, who answered the question that’s been on most players’ minds since Crucible launched: yes, voice and text chat are on their way. Both features are to be delivered as soon as possible, with voice chat set to arrive first.

I am personally split on this. The ping system in Crucible is perfectly functional, seemingly on par with Apex Legends‘ in terms of how much it lets players communicate to each-other. If I am playing with friends, I would naturally be using Discord to talk with them, and if I’m not playing with friends I’d rather not be in chat at all. Adding voice and text chat will open the floodgates for toxic players, who have been mercifully muzzled so far.

Adding these features is something that’s been requested a lot on social media, but there’s a catch with player feedback, both for this and in general: people only ask for things when they’re unhappy. If they’re pleased, they keep it to themselves – it’s just human nature. And it’s also human nature that people with bad judgement tend to be more vocal and confident in their feedback. There is a solid chance that by adding voice and text chat to Crucible, the developers would be answering the “needs” of a clueless and toxic minority of players.

Optimization incoming

Besides the chat features, Crucible also has a slew of other, less questionable improvements coming down the line. Johanson stated that the studio is working on a big upcoming update, which will include lots of bug fixes and polish, and improve performance. Crucible can be relatively resource-heavy, so this is great news.

Other features currently in development include better combat feedback, better match entry flow, improved tutorials, and a surrender option for matches that seem impossible to salvage.

crucible alpha hunters

The studio is also working on improving map legibility, so players can navigate around from objective to objective easier. This seems to be a response to another much-requested but not at all needed feature: a mini map. Crucible’s arena is easy to navigate: all objectives and important map elements have visual markers, and teammate silhouettes are always visible. Adding a mini map would be introducing UI clutter, and hopefully the studio is not planning on it.

Head of community Josh Davis was also part of the video update, noting that from now on the patches will be less frequent, but each patch will bring bigger and more meaningful improvements to Crucible. He also reaffirmed that the studio is carefully listening to player feedback and factoring it into their decisions. Again, I think that’s a bad idea, but I hope for the best.

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