Dead by Daylight developer acquires SockMonkey studios – expanding into the UK

Behaviour Interactive, Canada’s largest video game studio, announced today that it has acquired SockMonkey Studios, an external developer based in the United Kingdom.

Behaviour’s first European investment, SockMonkey (now Behaviour UK – North) will be a valuable partner for Behaviour’s Services division – providing development services to a variety of clients including Microsoft, Sony, EA, Warner, Netflix, and Take-Two.

Behaviour, a multi-faceted Canadian gaming studio founded in 1992, is known for creating and supporting genre-defying titles. With over 1,200 employees worldwide, Behaviour Interactive serves as Canada’s largest gaming studio, with its flagship franchise; Dead by Daylight entertaining over 50 million players across multiple platforms.

Multiple projects are being added to the studio’s original IP portfolio, including the highly anticipated base building and raiding title Meet Your Maker, which is slated for release on April 4, 2023. Behaviour has also established itself as one of the leading providers of external development services in the world. Many of the gaming industry’s leaders, including Microsoft, Sony, EA, Warner, Netflix, and Take-Two, have collaborated with the company.

“We’re delighted to add SockMonkey’s award-winning team to our industry-leading Services division,” stated Rémi Racine, Behaviour’s CEO and Executive Producer. “Like Seattle’s Midwinter Entertainment, which we acquired last year, SockMonkey is founded upon strong core values of innovation and collaboration. These values mirror our own and make SockMonkey a natural fit for our ambitious growth strategy.”

SockMonkey Studios – founded in 2013 – consists of a team of 45 members, focused on co- and full-development projects across all gaming platforms. An award-winning studio, SockMonkey has had a hand in various hit games like Prison Architect, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, and Little Orpheus. Moving forward as Behaviour UK – North, the studio will be focusing solely on projects for Behaviour’s roster of major-league international clients.

“We’re thrilled to celebrate our tenth anniversary year by joining Behaviour’s growing group of studios,” stated Bob Makin, SockMonkey’s co-founder, and CEO. “Behaviour is rapidly emerging as a global player within the gaming industry, and we are proud to represent the first step in their European expansion. We look forward to leveraging their resources to grow Behaviour UK – North, provide further career opportunities for the UK’s exceptional talent, and establish the Teesside area as a hotbed for game development.”

With Behaviour’s new UK expansion, it’s worth watching to see what the studio plans to do next, especially with the aid of a new studio behind them.

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Carl-Edwin Michel

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