Destroy All Humans! is coming back

Earth is under attack again as Destroy All Humans! plans its comeback. The popular franchise is releasing its first new game since 2008, although new is a bit of misnomer since this will be a remake. This game will be the fifth installment in the franchise, and many fans – myself included – are eagerly looking forward to it.

The OG Destroy All Humans!

The game first came out in 2005, telling the story of alien Cryptosporidium 137 and his mission on Earth in the 50s. Crypto 137 has to harvest human brain stems for the Furon they contain, to prevent the extinction of his species. Naturally, he runs into a lot of problems along the way.

Destroy All Humans! 2

Aside from the obvious visual upgrades the remake should have, I hope not much else from the original will change. The original Destroy All Humans! game was a masterpiece. The storyline was great, and the things you could do in the game were highly unique and off-beat. There were a bunch of side missions you could go on as Crypto in almost every location in the game, and that should definitely stay a part of the gameplay.

Crypto has a lot of different mental abilities that would be cool to access at all times, and not just during specific missions. That may reduce the difficulty level of the game, but it would make it more interesting for players to see what can work and what won’t work in different situations.

Destroy All Humans!

New game info

The remake is in development at Black Forest Games and will feature content that was cut from the original release. The trailer for the game was released at E3 in 2019, in the form of a music video from 2001.

There are three versions of the game set to be released: the standard edition, the DNA Collector’s Edition, and the Crypto 137 edition. However, the development team has stated that they want to keep the game as close to the original, while still updating it to have a modern feel. They are keeping the world the same, and keeping all of the missions and main voice acting. In addition to that, they also plan on greatly improving the abilities, save system, combat, and overall gameplay experience.

The Destroy All Humans! remake is set for release on Dec. 31, 2020.

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