Dying Light – Unturned crossover event lets you kill zombies with a rake

Crossover events are the beautiful, and sometimes horrid, merging of two games or universes. Dying Light has launched another crossover event, but this time with Unturned. In the past we have seen crossovers with Chivalry and Left 4 Dead. This again adds to the free content that Techland has been gracing Dying Light players with for the past 5 years.

New gear

As per usual, we got our obligatory weapon pack, which adds 3 new weapons inspired from items found in Unturned. The hockey stick, rake and machete all retain their original ‘low poly’ aesthetic, while having extreme durability and a low stamina cost. They are fairly cheap to make and scale with the player’s level. On my current character, which just finished the main campaign, the blueprints were crafting at blue rarity.

A unique Unturned-inspired costume was also added, making our character the happiest cube head in Harran.

Dying Light Unturned crossover
The three new weapons

New challenges

We also get two new challenges, each with their own rewards. The first is the community goal, which is to kill a staggering 25 million zombies. You’ll need plenty of bandages and weapon repair kits. Upon completing this goal, you will receive 3 gold weapon dockets, which can be turned in to the Quartermaster for a gold rarity weapon.

Additionally, there is a personal challenge, which requires you to kill 15 Volatiles. Time to break out your UV flashlights and best gear to brave the night and hunt these monstrosities. This challenge will reward 3 King mods, which is one of the best and rarest weapon mods in the game, boosting all damage, handling and durability by 2. These challenges need to be completed by April 6 in order to receive the rewards.

I am glad to see that Techland is continuing to roll out the content for Dying Light. Even the small, free content updates show how much they are invested into the game.

Techland is also helping support the COVID-19 relief efforts through their Vintage Gunslinger DLC. With a sequel set to release this year, I hope Techland upholds the same standards they have set these past 5 years.

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