EA offers the Sims for public playtesting from home

Personally, I’ve always wanted to playtest video games—not for a living, just for fun. When I got wind of EA searching for playtesters, it was a bit surreal. After all, EA is a huge company and as far as I know, years past, it was an extremely limited selection of cities that offered the labs for playtesting. Turns out… a lot has changed since the last time I peeked at the EA Playtesting site.

As some of you probably know, playtesting involves getting early-release copies of games to take for a test drive. Sometimes – often – these games are not nearly finished, which is the whole point. And to be perfectly honest, until recently, I had never heard of playtesting taking place at home. Public alphas and anything like that: under my radar.

And as far as EA is concerned, I was on point, because they didn’t use to offer it. Until very recently, you had to drive to the nearest EA “lab” to take part in playtesting with a group of people, who had applied just like you. These labs are few, and scattered around the U.S., Canada, Australia and Europe.

However, in a tweet on Jan. 8, EA confirmed that playtesting from home is a-go. That’s a huge expansion, and allows many more people than ever before to sign up for playtesting. More importantly, it allows ME to apply. I’m a huge Sims fan, and that’s exactly the game they are offering to playtesters right now. Maybe dreams do come true.

So, how do you sign up? Go to EA’s playtester website, enter your info, and select a “Other location” option when entering where you are. You will begin to receive invitation to playtest upcoming EA games which specifically allow playtesting from home.

There will liekly be a lot more of those opportunities in the future. With EA returning to Steam, we might get to see them adopt even more streamlined public playtesting channels.

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