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Every game reveal from the Behaviour Beyond game showcase 2022

Lots of exciting new developments

Today marks Behaviour Interactive’s first ever Behaviour Beyond games showcase, and with it comes a slew of new and exciting games from the Dead by Daylight developer. Here’s what we can expect from Behaviour Interactive in the near future.

Dead by Daylight – Resident Evil: PROJECT W Chapter

The Resident Evil and Dead by Daylight universes are colliding once more, bringing some new developments and long-awaited changes to the game. Resident Evil: PROJECT W introduces new survivors, Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers, with The Mastermind AKA Albert Wesker hunting them. The Raccoon City Police Department is also being revisited – getting a welcome rework, while also being split into two separate maps for Killers and Survivors to venture into. This second foray into the Resident Evil universe should prove exciting for fans of both franchises – while keeping them on edge all the while.

Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim

Today also marks the release of Hooked on You, a dating sim featuring four of Dead by Daylight’s loveliest killers. In Behaviour’s first venture into visual novels territory, players will sail off to Murderer’s Island. Once there, they can attempt to woo their way into the hearts of The Trapper, The Huntress, The Wraith, or The Spirit. Hooked on you should provide a fresh take on the DbD Killers while allowing players to explore the characters in ways they may have never expected.

Meet your Maker

Meet your Maker is Behaviour’s newest IP and is a post-apocalyptic builder/raider game. After a last-ditch effort to save life on Earth, the player is left in this post-apocalyptic landscape to collect pure Genetic Material. The gameplay consists of the construction of maze-like outposts, with the purpose of guarding and extracting the necessary “Genmat”. Players will go head to head, trying to infiltrate and steal from other players’ outposts in order to come out on top. User-generated content is a big highlight of Meet your Maker, with levels designed by players, for players. It also features a replay system – so you can watch people try – and fail – to steal your precious “Genmat”. Soon, you too can become the Daedalus to your enemies’ Theseus, though hopefully, they don’t win in this story.

Behaviour Meet Your Maker
Image by Behaviour Interactive

Jurassic World Primal Ops

A new F2P action-adventure game for mobile devices, Jurassic World Primal Ops tasks players with defending dinosaurs and helping to create a balanced coexistence with humans. The game features action-packed missions, as well as an expansive dinosaur collection and upgrade system. The game is available to download now on the App Store and Google Play – so why not get started and save some dinos?

Flippin Misfits

Flippin Misfits is set to put your friendships to the test. In Flippin Misfits, up to four players find themselves in a spaceship at the edge of the universe. Their objective? Beat the living daylights out of each other. The only thing more fun than treating your enemies to a beatdown… is doing it in the zero gravity of space. Think Jet Set Radio, except it’s a brawler, and also you’re controlling gravity in space while avoiding attacks from all sides. Sounds pretty cool right?

Project S

Last but not least, we have Project S, a collaborative effort between Behaviour Interactive and Lunarch Studios. Project S is an open-world puzzle game set in a strange realm of logic and wisdom. Project S can be played solo, or with a few friends… or many, many friends if you’d prefer. Players will find themselves completing quests throughout a land dotted with floating islands, ancient architecture, and more – all while uncovering the secrets of this mysterious land. We’re still waiting on more info for this one, and we should hear more about it in 2023.

A jam-packed lineup!

Behaviour Interactive has a lot lined up for players in the next year so be sure to stick around with SQUAD for more updates regarding the Behaviour Interactive lineup!


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