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Evil Geniuses make history at LCS 2022 Spring Split finals

After going through the losers’ bracket and quickly becoming the fan-favorite team, Evil Geniuses completed their journey by capturing their first-ever LCS trophy after sweeping 100 Thieves.

To start things off, it was Evil Geniuses that took the early lead in the series. The key to their victory was once again the teamfights as they succeeded in outclassing 100T. It all started at the 6-minute mark as the defending champions lost three members after securing the first Dragon of the game. This crucial mistake spelled the beginning of the end for 100T as EG became stronger as time went on despite the close game.

On top of their superior teamfight skills, EG were able to gain advantages all over the Rift with great cross-map plays. In the end, they were able to close things out after stealing the Dragon and eliminating their opponents from the battlefield. If EG were able to work once again as a team, Kyle “Danny” Sadamaki continued to build a name for himself with another great showing on Jinx as he ended the first confrontation with a score of 6 kills, 1 death, and 3 assists. 

With all the confidence in their corner, EG started to experiment with their picks as they locked in Mordekaiser for Jeong “Impact” Eon-young to answer the Ornn selection from 100Thieves. With this pick, Impact was able to target 100T’s support in an isolated 1v1 in the Death Realm. He finished with a KDA of 3/0/3 in Xayah. This switch-up in the draft also unlocked an even more dominant version of EG as they ran over their opponents.

In a last-ditch effort, 100T decided to go for an entirely new team composition by drafting Zeri, Vex, and the comfort pick of Viego for their jungler, Can “Closer” Çelik hoping to change the momentum of the series in their favor. Despite being a closer game than the previous one where 100T only got two kills, the reigning champions were not able to overcome the crushing play style of their opponents. With this sweeping victory, EG captures their first-ever LCS trophy and they enter the record books as they did it in the fastest time in LCS history. 

EG next stop will be for the Mid-Season Invitational in Korea as they qualified for the tournament as the LCS representative. They will now meet G2 and Oceania’s team Order in a three-way group. The newly crowned champions are looking confident going into this international journey as they didn’t shy away from sending a few shots toward the LEC. 

To wrap up this segment of the season, the Player of the Series title was awarded to Danny. The North American talent claimed both the LCS trophy and his individual title with a combined score of 18/2/12.  

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