Fallout 76 hack leaves players with ransacked inventories

Fallout 76 got hit with a big hack just before Christmas. Any player who has played online over the last few days was susceptible to losing their inventory to hackers. Hackers were able to steal everything in seconds by having their victims’ inventory function as a lootable container. Caps, items in chests, as well as other personal effects would be safe, as it was only inventories than could be looted. 

Disgruntled players have taken to forums and Reddit to call for aid and berate Bethesda for their oversight. A Reddit user on the Fallout subreddit has even gone as far as to lay out the issues and details what – in their view – could have been done.

The exploit only existed on the PC version of Fallout 76. Luckily it has since been patched according to a forum post by Bethesda. While Bethesda were working to patch the problem, the Fallout 76 servers were taken offline to prevent any further issues.

Fallout Hacker data

Some reports of this exploit date back to around Dec. 21, with warnings and the official Bethesda response coming out on 23. It is unknown why it took Bethesda over a day to respond. The likely answer is that much of the team left for the Holidays, with a small emergency team on call.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this Fallout 76 hack, many players have lost paid items. Bethesda has stated they are looking for ways to compensate those affected. As it seems, Bethesda will not be able to roll back players’ inventories. Hopefully the compensation in this case will be better than the 500 Atoms they infamously provided when players were up in arms over the lack of quality products in the Power Armor Edition of the game.

Hopefully this issue awakens Bethesda to the graver issues of Fallout 76, and push them to be more proactive. If more issues of this caliber arise, they will be the final nail in the coffin for the game.

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