Fantasy sci-fi roguelike Medievalien hits early access today

Italian indie studio Doob Games Srl has announced that its new roguelike title Medievalien enters early access today.

Medievalien is described as a “genre-bending” roguelike adventure game. It takes inspiration from fantasy and science fiction and combines them, as aliens begin invading the game’s magical world. To combat the otherworldly forces, players must arm themselves with everything from spell books to crossbows, bombs, and ray guns.

Doob Games is publishing Medievalien in early access as a way to gather community feedback as the studio continues to polish the game.

The studio is taking a page from Supergiant Games’ Hades, which won many accolades last year. Doob Games sees the benefits of embracing an early access release. Studio co-founder Alex Bagnolini said in a statement, “The success of Hades showed the world that there are better ways to do Early Access than the industry has seen previously. We believe there is still more potential for player engagement and feedback, even if you aren’t a longtime developer with momentum from previous releases.”

Gameplay details

In Medievalien, players will come across numerous pieces of loot. Upgradable gear and weapons will play a role, and merchants will sell items and spells used to give players various advantages on their journey. Characters will also have skill trees that unlock new abilities.

“Roguelikes are at their best when the synergies between items and abilities are carefully balanced and refined,” Bagnolini said. “Mixing medieval fantasy with sci-fi alien technology opens the door to thousands of builds that are unlike any other roguelike out there, but we have to get it right and polish every detail. Early access will help us do that.”

Doob Games is putting together an initiative that the studio is calling the “Roguelike Advisory Council”. Comprised of roguelike streamers and community members, the Advisory Council will provide critical feedback to the studio throughout development. Currently, the council consists of steamers CocoConfession, BrainTM, Kosmender, CUCU0015 Mee_shell, and TheBlacktastic. Passionate members of the roguelike community are encouraged to reach out to Doob Games to join the council.

Players can begin exploring Medievalien’s world today by downloading the game off Steam.

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