Gameloft celebrates 20th anniversary by giving away 30 games

If you’re a big mobile gamer you’ve likely heard of developer Gameloft. What you may not have known, is that Gameloft’s 20th anniversary is upon us.

The ghosts of app-store’s past

Yes indeed, Gameloft is the company behind the hit Asphalt and Modern Combat series have been around for two decades. And to celebrate, they’re giving out 30 of their iconic games as part of the Gameloft Classics: 20 Years app.

Gameloft anniversary

Mobile gamers who have been following some of their series’ for years will be excited to see the return of some long-lost titles. Many of these games are no longer available in app stores, and now not only are they accessible once again, but they’re all conveniently located in one app.  There are 30 of Gameloft’s classic titles available to play in the app, which means there’s something here for everyone, except fans of strategy games, I suppose.

Along with the retro titles comes a retro-feeling control scheme. It almost feels like playing an old-school Game Boy – except for the part where you’re playing games on a phone and there’s actually color. So it’s kind of like playing on a Game Boy Advance SP. Yes, it’s overwhelmingly impressive.

Here’s the full list of games available on the app:

Puzzle games Run & Gun
  • Bubble Bash 2
  • Brain Challenge 3: Think Again!
  • Diamond Rush
  • Detective Ridley and the Mysterious Enigma
  • Abracadaball
  • Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A.
  •  Zombie Infection
  •  Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus
  •  N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance
  •  Wild West Guns
  •  Zombiewood
  •  Alien Quarantine
Life & Love Arcade Action
  • My Life in New York
  •  Vampire Romance
  •  Miami Nights 2: The city is yours!
  •  Fashion Icon
  •  Date or Ditch 2
  •  High School Hook Ups™
  • Soul of Darkness
  •  Hero of Sparta
  •  Cannon Rats
  •  Block Breaker Deluxe 2
  •  Block Breaker 3 Unlimited
Sports and Cards
  • Motocross: Trial Extreme
  •  Platinum Solitaire 3
  •  Texas Hold’em Poker
  •  Midnight Bowling 3
  •  Midnight Pool
  •  Avalanche Snowboarding
  •  KO Legends

One of many milestones

It’s hard to argue the impact that the company has made in the mobile game market. Alexandre de Rochefort, who has been CFO of Gameloft since its inception, is tremendously proud of the company’s achievements and longevity.

“Twenty years is quite the accomplishment, so much so that it gives us pause to reflect. This is a moment of celebration for us, a moment to look back and see how the industry has changed and evolved, to remember the beginning of simpler games for simpler phones and to appreciate the future of powerful platforms and new technology our developers can push to the limit. I’m proud to say we were there at the beginning and that we helped shape what this industry is today,” said Rochefort in the anniversary press release.

Gameloft has come a long way from where they began in Paris, France 20 years ago. The company was initially established to create games for the emerging mobile market. Two decades later, they have now transformed into a multi-platform publisher and developer with over 800 games in their catalogue.

The company is now looking toward the future and towards hitting new and exciting milestones, and who knows? Maybe in another 20 years we’ll be looking forward to replaying Disney Magic Kingdoms.

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