Gamescape Audio emerges as the first ever interactive video game music library

Gamescape Audio is a new project stemming from a collaboration between Silen Audio, Universal Production Music, and Emperia Musicworks, and aims to be the first-ever interactive music library for video games.

Silen Audio, a pioneer in the interactive and game music industries, is thrilled to be collaborating with Universal Production Music and Emperia Musicworks to bring Gamescape Audio to reality. With many more albums in the works, this collaboration will continue to push the frontiers of what’s possible in the realm of interactive music, ensuring that Silen Audio’s compositions be heard in media for years to come.

Silen Audio, through Gamescape Audio, has contributed to altering how music is released for interactive and linear media (video games and traditional media). Silen offered seven expertly crafted CDs ranging from Fantasy Orchestral to Harsh Electronic, Sports, and Sound Design Tension. Each album highlights the extraordinary technical ability and experience of Silen Audio’s broad pool of composers, who have created music for countless huge video games around the globe.
Silen was fortunate to collaborate with world-renowned composers who have been featured in innumerable video games and other forms of media. They worked together to pave the way for Silen to usher in a new era of interactive music.
Silen Audio is delighted to have contributed to the development of Gamescape Audio and looks forward to changing the way people perceive music in the video game/interactive media world.
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