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Genshin Impact players discover easy way to solve puzzles with Yae Miko

Press E to win

Genshin Impact has many puzzles scattered around the world, and players have now found that new 5-star character Yae Miko is especially adept at solving some of them.

In Inazuma, the newest region of Teyvat, players can find puzzles consisting of rotatable Electro Cubes. These cube puzzles are solved by attacking them in order to match their positions or lighting. With the release of Yae Miko, players have found a way to easily solve these puzzles. The trick involves placing her three pillars and letting the arcs of electricity do it for them. It’s easy and usually doesn’t take more than a few seconds.

No need my brain anymore, miko solves puzzles for you from Genshin_Impact

While this isn’t the only tricky way to circumvent puzzles, it makes you wonder what other puzzles and tasks can be skirted around by simply using abilities. There are alternatives to using Yae Miko if you don’t have her, however. You can try other character abilities, try to figure out the puzzle, or just swing and hope for the best.

Not all of us are lucky – or rich – enough to have rolled Yae Miko. If you’re one of the players that have, then congratulations on the easy puzzle solve! The rest of us will just have to sus out the pattern on our own.

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