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Genshin Impact players discover (painfully slow) mining method with Gorou

Do you just hate efficiency or something?

In Genshin Impact, mining is just a fact of life. Whether you need them for weapons, furnishings, or just to hoard them like a dragon, there are plenty of ways to claim ores – and now Gorou is one of them.

I’m a Razor main, so I usually just go swinging my Claymore at any ol’ outcrop unfortunate enough to be in my sightline. There is also that Zhongli mining trick and how efficient that is, I mean it’s literally one button.

Thanks to Gorou, we can mine ores with bow only, at a distance from Genshin_Impact

But now there’s a new kid on the block to help you fulfill your mining dreams in Genshin. If you roll on the Oni’s Royale banner you have a chance at getting the cute little canine-boy General Gorou. He’s the newest – and only – Geo archer, and that Geo aspect makes him part of an illustrious group of Geo miners. Now, keep in mind that he doesn’t do it well, not by a long shot (see what I did there?) If anything, you get more use out of mining with his skills – or you know – any Claymore unit.

But hey, if you’re playing Genshin Impact and have a lot of time to kill and some ores that need mining, bust out your brand new Gorou and take him for a spin!

I’m joking. Please, don’t take Gorou mining in Genshin Impact.

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