Gibbon: Beyond the Trees releases on Apple Arcade for Earth Day

Apple Arcade is a gaming subscription service for iOS and Mac users. It features over 200 games, and new ones join the collection every week. I have been a fan of the service for a while now, and to help others out there I highlight new games and offerings by Apple Arcade every week.

Moonshot – A Journey Home

Apple Arcade gets a new exclusive game this week: Moonshot – A Journey Home. In this physics-based puzzle game, you play as a young Moon that got lost in space and needs to find its way back to Mother Earth.

The gameplay relies on drag-and-release mechanics to launch the moon and use other planets’ gravity fields to move forward. Moonshot – A Journey Home features 126 levels spread across 7 unique worlds, 35 different skins, and 50 achievements for trophy hunters.

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees

To celebrate Earth Day, Apple Arcade is spotlighting Gibbon: Beyond the Trees. This game follows the story of a family of gibbons that find themselves lost in a forest. Humans are threatening this place, and the gibbons need to find a way to survive in the jungle.

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees deals with serious topics, like deforestation, poaching, and climate change. The 2D hand-painted graphics give a new dimension to the jungle, both day and night. The gameplay focuses on swinging through the trees, just like gibbons do in real-life. If the story mode lasts about an hour, Gibbon: Beyond the Trees also features a race mode where you have to rush through a procedurally generated jungle.

Everything new coming to Apple Arcade this week

Besides Moonshot – A Journey Home and Gibbon: Beyond the Trees, five other games bring new content to Apple Arcade this week:

  • Bloons TD 6+ improves its UI and brings a new beginner map, a new hero, and a new boss.
  • Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis’s latest update introduces Eliza’s five-episode story and also brings a new character, a new court, new customizations, new daily quests, and weekly events.
  • Star Trek: Legends begins a new season and includes a new hero, O’Brien.
  • Zen Pinball Party adds Williams Pinball: Champion Pub table.
  • Spire Blast now includes an additional world with 30 new levels, 10 new challenge levels, and limited-time challenge events.

Stick around with SQUAD to learn more about next week’s Apple Arcade games.

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