God of War and Ragnarök by the Numbers: Stats, Sales, Viewers and more

God of War Ragnarök (GOW) stats are a hot topic right now, but we’re not talking about character stats like strength, vitality, or luck here. Today we’re talking about the cold hard stats of the game’s success, its predecessor (God of War), sales, player base, streams, community, and more.

The situation

God of War Ragnarök finally dropped to players on Nov. 9, 2022, as the long-awaited sequel to the next-gen reboot of Sony Interactive Entertainment and Santa Monica Studio’s God of War. The latter was one of the earliest titles to release for the Playstation 5 and toppled records for the franchise at the time.

The details

By now, the first God of War has sold well over 23 million units (as reported in the first week of Nov. 2022). Of those, 3.1 million units were sold in just the first three days. By comparison, God of War: Ragnarök sold 51% more in its opening week putting it somewhere around 5 to 8 million units.

Player stats:

  • To date, players have died more than 690 million times in GOW, while earning an average of 20 achievements per player and putting in an average of 40 hours of playtime.
  • According to, just over 490 million players have achieved platinum, or 100% completion of the franchise since launch.
  • The boss dubbed the hardest – The Valkyrie Queen, Sigrun (God of War) – has a K/D (kill-to-death) ratio of 100:1 feeding on gamer frustrations in the hardest play modes.

Streaming and Content:

  • God of War has reached an all-time peak of 73,529 concurrent players.
  • According to, the franchise has amassed more than 28M hours viewed. That’s like watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy 1,627,907 times.
  • The game has been broadcast for a total of 1.5M hours to a concurrent max viewership of 116,534 people with more than 200,000 broadcasters creating God of War content on Twitch.
  • The top three languages of viewers watching God of War, in order are: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

What it means for gamers

Well, at least it means there are lots of places to watch God of War and tons of content available for the game. It also means that if you haven’t jumped into this newest iteration of the GOW franchise, it’s the best time to do so.

I’ve found the content around the game to be relatively spoiler free and I’d highly recommend playing through both the God of War and God of War Ragnarök titles in sequence. In fact, I think that’s a perfect way to round off the weeks leading up to The Game Awards, where God of War Ragnarök is up for nine categories, including the coveted Game of the Year award.

If you’re a stat/data nerd like me, you’ll know the folks who deserve a ton of credit for mining this stuff, including,, and

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