Gravewood High goes F2P, gets co-op multiplayer mode

Today horror survival project Gravewood High is adding a major content update, changing up some game systems and adding a whole new layer of gameplay with mutliplayer. Players trying to escape the sinister possessed Teacher can now do so in teams, and can even compete with each other to survive.

Gravewood High is transitioning into a hybrid F2P model with this update, with the multiplayer component being free, and the single-player campaign becoming the only purchasable content. Per the press release:

Gravewood High will be free on both the Steam and Epic Games stores and will only include the multiplayer mode. The single-player portion of Gravewood High will transition to paid DLC, purchasable in two variations: 

  • Gravewood High – Chapter 1 will only include the first level of the game and can be purchased at a discounted price.
  • Gravewood High – Complete allows players access to the first level and all future content. This will be sold at the current price of the game.

All players that have previously purchased Gravewood High will automatically own the Gravewood High – Complete DLC bundle at no additional cost. As a special gift, this DLC includes a digital art book for the game!

About Gravewood High Multiplayer

Play with up to five friends in Gravewood High‘s multiplayer mode as you try to survive the monstrous Mr. Hyde. Meet the teacher with the reworked AI who tracks you down, sets traps, and searches for all of the players within seemingly safe corners of the school. Key features: 

  • Work with your friends to find a way out of the school, or betray them and escape the school alone. 
  • Earn unique titles after each round, which will affect your reputation.
  • Reworked school map with unique rooms, a gym, and locker rooms. 
  • New puzzles and challenges for multiplayer: a school disco, a ventilation system with circular saws, and many more fun facilities. 

You can find out more about Gravewood High on the game’s Steam page. Stick around with SQUAD for more gaming news and content!

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