Grid Force: Mask of the Goddess releases new gameplay trailer

Developer Playtra Games have unveiled a little more about their upcoming tactical action RPG Grid Force: Mask of the Goddess. In the latest gameplay trailer, the game shows fast-paced combat, giant boss battles, as well as a few of the 30+ unlockable characters in the game.

Grid Force: Mask of the Goddess is a 2D hand-drawn action RPG with a strong focus on inclusivity and empowerment. Each heroine has her own perks, but also her own trauma and aspirations to contend with. Convincing them to join our crew is not always an easy task and requires earning their trust. Once in a group, each new character can unlock hidden paths and secrets.

Gameplay-wise, Grid Force: Mask of the Goddess mixes fast-paced strategic combat with grid-based mechanics inspired by One Step from Eden and Mega Man Battle Network, two games combining strategy and real-time action.

According to the developer, Grid Force: Mask of the Goddess manages to create dynamic fights where speed and precision are key to victory. However, it is not a simple shoot’em up and you will need to have some strategy to defeat the hardest enemies.

Grid Force - Mask Of The Goddess Trailer

Behind the fast-paced gameplay, Grid Force: Mask of the Goddess offers a deep narrative story about inclusion, personal growth, and responsibility. The choices players make along the way have a real impact on the story, for better or for worse. Each run is different from the last, and Grid Force: Mask of the Goddess holds many secrets to uncover in future replays.

Grid Force: Mask of the Goddess will release on PC through Steam later this year.

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