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HEROish launches on Apple Arcade alongside Star Trek: Legends update

It’s a new week, which means another round of content updates for Apple Arcade titles! The big new item this week is HEROish by new studio Sunblink. Described as a head-to-head castle defense battler, HEROish has the following to say for itself:

“Play as one of six epic heroes, summon troops, sling spells, and destroy enemy towers to achieve victory in this exciting head-to-head castle defense game. Players can enjoy single-player adventures with three campaigns filled with humorous storytelling, sweeping musical scores, and hand-crafted environments. Or they can dive into fast-paced battles with friends and family in competitive 1v1 or 2v2 matches. Players can build custom decks and upgrade cards to create monstrous combinations of troops and spells as they aim to defeat their opponents, destroy the Soul Gem that gives them power, and move to the top of the leaderboards.”

Also on the menu for Apple Arcade this week are a number of updates and content drops. Per the press release:

  • Warped Kart Racers — Adds the Warped Series campaign to single player, where with each new update, a new chapter is added. New chapters include new maps, characters, and themed content. This week’s update is Solar Opposites themed and adds The Living Room map and new character Cherie.
  • Gear.Club Stradale — Kicks off the next Super Carta in-game event. This time players can win a Corvette Stingray if their club completes 100% of the Carta. Clubs that have not completed the Carta will receive a discount on the purchase of the car via the in-game currency in the amount of the effort they have made. This update also adds Sequoia Park, featuring 15 new tracks, and new game mode Smash.
  • Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure — Adds 60 news puzzles, along with updates to Treasure Trove items and Tournaments
  • Star Trek: Legends — Introduces a new hero (Thy’lek Shran), along with a new dedicated Hero event.

Stick around with SQUAD for more updates on Apple Arcade games!

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