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If you are new to Warhammer Combat Cards, you are probably wondering how to quickly expand your collection and get as much in-game currency as possible. Like every other mobile game, Combat Cards gives players currency and free content for completing various tasks – and you can easily optimize those gains.

Join a guild

As soon as you can, you should join a guild. Being in a guild passively increases how many cards you get from Free Packs, Daily Packs, and Victory Packs. Your guild’s Dedication will tell you which faction those extra cards will belong to – so you’re not just getting more cards, but you also have more control over which armies you build. As you will see below, this is important.

Pick 5 main factions to use

Warhammer Combat Cards features eight factions with unique playstyles and cards, but if you want to get the most overall content from the game you should focus on collecting five of those factions, and just ignore the rest. This is the optimal way to climb the ranked ladder, which is ultimately how you get the most rewards.

Your ranked score is the total number of trophies you have for the four factions you have won the most trophies with. So trying to constantly win with every faction is pointless – it does not help you grow. Instead, you should focus on those five chosen factions, upgrade their cards, and play them exclusively.

Every time you are about to queue up for a ranked match, check which is your fifth top faction at the moment – the one right below the four which form your ranked total – and use that faction. If you lose the match, your total rank points remain the same, and you just have to win a couple more games to get back into the climb. And if you win, that fifth faction will become one of your top four, pushing another faction down into the fifth slot – that would be the faction to use in the next match. Playing like this, you will never lose ranked standing, and will continuously climb the ladder.

If a quest asks you to use a warlord from a faction in your current top four, you can use them in campaign battles (when available) or casual matches, or simply wait until they rotate to that fifth slot.

Get all your commons to level 2

You should upgrade every common card you own to level 2, even if you never intend to use it, or if it belongs to a faction you aren’t focusing on. This is because the first upgrade of a common card is mathematically the cheapest EXP bump you can get in Warhammer Combat Cards: 3 EXP for 10 coin.

Optimize campaign decks for general rewards

When playing campaign battles, deckbuild the most competitive deck you can so you can max out on general rewards you get at the end of the campaign, and don’t worry about the quest rewards. Usually you can unlock the full quest reward chain by just playing the campaign, even if you’re not using every keyword card you have. And even if you don’t, the quest cards generally have low account level requirements (or none), so you will start getting them from normal packs right away.

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