Humankind comes to consoles with a major update

Amplitude Studios announces that its 4X strategy game Humankind will be coming to consoles later this year. The game will be available on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 on Nov. 4.

Along with this announcement, the developer unveiled a brand new DLC for Humankind: Cultures of Latin America. This DLC pack includes 6 new Cultures, 6 new Wonders, 9 Independent People, 15 Narrative Events, as well as 30+ new in-game music tracks composed by Arnaud Roy.

The new cultures brought by this DLC focus on tribes of Latin America, such as the Caralans, Nazca, Taíno, and Inca. Argentinians and Cubans also join the game. This new DLC is already available on Steam and Epic Game Store.

Humankind also receives a free update called the Bolivar Patch. This major update was released today and brings community-requested features and general improvements to the game. With the Bolivar Patch, Amplitude Studios reworked the surrender system of the game, rebalanced the war support modifiers, and created new wonder effects.

The Bolivar Patch and Cultures of Latin America DLC are already available for PC users. Humankind will be coming to consoles on Nov. 4.

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