Introducing the Northern Arena Clash of Clans Championship teams

The Northern Arena Clash Championship has officially begun as of May 2. Seeing as though the league is in its first paces, now is a great time to run through each of the participating teams competing for a take of the prize pool.

The Clash of Clans tournament will split the 36 competing teams into two separate divisions. Each division will focus on a 5v5 TH14 one attack per player match. Five separate players will engage on each team.

Division 1 comprises 18 Pro League teams. The division will be conducted as a single round-robin, with each team playing each other at some point during the championship. Winners will be determined by the placement of each team by the end of the season. Therefore, no playoff matches will be conducted through Division 1.

The Northern Arena Clash Championship  teams in Division 1 will consist of:

  • Elevate
  • Monster
  • Carnage Gaming
  • Vanguard
  • QSFN
  • SpaceStation Gaming
  • Badzinger
  • S8ul
  • Aphelion eSports
  • Penta
  • Tompai Empire
  • MCES
  • Alternate Attax
  • Tribe Gaming
  • KOG
  • HT Family
  • Vantang
  • Unicorns of Love
  • Queen Walkers

The second division will unfold in a similar fashion. 18 accepted teams will play each other in a single round-robin competition. However, there will be playoff matches. The top two teams will be automatically promoted into Division 1. The teams who place 3-6 will compete to snag the final promotion spot into the first division.

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The Northern Arena Clash Championship  teams in Division 2 will consist of:

  • Dark Unicorns
  • Inquisition
  • The Unman Manda
  • Godliness
  • Cream Real Betis
  • M2 Ninja
  • Hanoi Royal
  • Trainstation Gaming
  • RTK
  • Resistance
  • Indian Tribe
  • Hvonly Zone
  • Blaze JP
  • Benelux
  • Zombie Doom
  • NoLeX
  • NGT Legends
  • EM Dragon King

The Northern Arena Clash of Clans Championship runs until August 28, and you can catch it on GINX Esports TV Canada, the Northern Arena Twitch channel, or by watching one of the official streams.

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