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LDLC OL and BDS Academy move one step closer to the LFL 2022 title

Both BDS Academy and LDLC OL managed to escape the second week of the LFL 2022 Spring split playoffs as they beat Vitality Bee and Karmine respectively to move one step closer to the final round.

LDLC OL vs Karmine Corp

The first series of the week saw LDLC OL dominate Karmine Corp (KCorp). The wolf squad made quick work of the Blue Wall representative with a 3-0 finish to secure their place in the final two.

The LDLC OL team individually and collectively overpowered their opponents during the best-of-five as they didn’t allow their opponents to come out of the blocks. The top laner for KCorp and MVP of the regular season, Lucas “Cabochard” Simon-Meslet, was not able to show his dominance on Jayce as he was shut down by Onurcan “Ragner” Aslan’s tanks.

The LDLC OL players are now waiting to see who they will face in the final to capture the trophy and the title. 

BDS Academy and Vitality Bee go the distance

On Thursday, BDS Academy was able to hang on against Vitality in a close five-game battle. History was looking to repeat itself after team BDS took the first two games in dominating fashion. However, Vitality Bee wasn’t going to go out without a fight. They were able to tie the series and force a final game to determine who will advance. In the end, Vitality was not able to complete the reverse sweep. 

BDS Academy and KCorp will now have to face each other to determine who will clash against LDLC OL for the ultimate prize.

To catch the action, follow Northern Arena’s broadcast of the entire 2022 LFL season.

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