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League of Legends LCS 2022 Spring split recap and team standings

On March 27, the LCS regular season of the spring split segment came to an end with Evil Geniuses defeating Flyquest to qualify for the playoff portion of the calendar. Now, the remaining six teams will try to go through the gauntlet, but only one will be crowned the LCS 2022 champion. Before we start thinking about playoffs, let’s recap what happened during the regular season.

After a calendar where every team played at least 18 games, it was the all-star lineup of Team Liquid that finished at the top of the standings with a record of 14 wins and 4 loses. Despite what the record may say, the race for the number 1 spot in North America was a really tight one until the end. There are only two victories that separate Team Liquid and the third-best team, 100Thieves. 

The playoffs bracket will consist of Team Liquid, Cloud 9, 100Thieves, Evil Geniuses, Golden Guardians, and Flyquest. The lower half of the standings also came down to the wire where Evil Geniuses, Golden Guardians, and Flyquest had to play a set of tiebreakers to figure out the remainder of the standings. In the end, Flyquest defeated the Golden Guardians but lost to Evil Geniuses. With that said, here are the final standings for the LCS 2022 spring split regular season: 

  1. Team Liquid (14W-4L) 
  2. Cloud 9 (13W-5L) 
  3. 100Thieves (12W-6L) 
  4. Evil Geniuses (10W-9L) 
  5. Flyquest (10W-10L) 
  6. Golden Guardians (9W-10L) 
  7. Dignitas QNTMPAY (8W-10L) 
  8. Counter Logic Gaming (6W-12L) 
  9. Team Solo Mid FTX  (5W-13L) 
  10. Immortals Progressive (5W-13L) 

These results also indicate that Dignitas, CLG, TSM, and Immortals will not participate in the playoffs festivities.

The playoff picture

The playoffs segment of the year will kick off with 100Thieves looking to defend the crown they secured during the 2021 Summer split season when they face off against Cloud 9 in a best-of-five. 

This series will take place on April 2 and it’s looking to be a good show between two top teams in the LCS. During the regular season, both teams were unable to cleanly sweep the other as both squads ended with a victory against the other.

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