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LFL 2022 – Spring split recap and team standings

On March 14, the regular portion of the LFL Spring split ended with LDLC OL defeating Vitality Bee. The remaining six teams will now try to advance through the playoffs to claim the rights to be called champions. Here is a recap of the season so far and a look at what to expect for the playoffs.

After playing 18 games, it is LDLC OL that sits at the top of the mountain. They finished the regular season with a record of 13 wins and 5 losses. LDLC OL will try to extend their two-game winning streak when they face Karmine Corp. During the season, both teams took a game off each other.

The playoff picture will also include BDS Academy, Misfits Premier, Vitality Bee and GamersOrigin. This means that Solary, GameWard, Mirage Elyandra, and Team Oplon did not succeed to clinch a spot in the playoff rounds. Mirage Elyandra and Team Oplon will try to climb up the ranks in their first-ever LFL summer split as both newcomers ended in 9th and last place. Liyu “Cody Sun” Sun and his teammates will try to bounce back from their performance in the second half of the calendar. They finished with a record of 6 triumphs and 12 defeats.

Final standings:

  1. LDLC OL (13-5)
  2. Karmine Corp (12-6) 
  3. BDS Academy (11-6)
  4. Misfits Premier (11-7) 
  5. Vitality Bee (11-7) 
  6. GamersOrigin (8-9) 
  7. Solary (8-10) 
  8. GameWard (7-11) 
  9. Mirage Elyandra (6-12) 
  10. Team Oplon (2-16)

The best-of-five series of BDS Academy and GamersOrigin will kick off the playoffs. Both teams are going to cross paths on March 16. The final two contenders will fight for the title on March 31. You can catch all of the action on the official Northern Arena stream, or through the OTP LOL official Twitch channels. 

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