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MCES overthrow Monster as Northern Arena Clash of Clans Championship heats up

The Northern Area Clash Championship is currently in the midst of its Week 9 matches, and all 18 teams making up Division 1 of the tournament are playing some of their best matches so far. As the Clash Championship continues, let’s take a look at the current standings and how this month has panned out.

Previously, we covered the Week 5 standings which saw Monster lead the charge with a 5-0 placement. MCES wasn’t far behind in second. Tribe Gaming, Vatang, and Alternate Attax all followed in the third, fourth, and fifth placement respectively.

Rankings are determined by the number of wins. For teams that are tied, total points, accumulative Stars, and attack percentages are taken into account in order to finalize placement.

Here are the current standings as of Week 8:

  1. MCES (6-2)
  2. Monster (6-2)
  3. Team Elevate (6-2)
  4. Queen Walkers (5-3)
  5. Alternate Attax (5-3)
  6. Vantag (4-3)
  7. Bandzinger (4-3)
  8. Tribe Gaming (4-4)
  9. HT Family (4-4)
  10. Penta (4-4)
  11. Aphelion eSports (4-4)
  12. Carnage Gaming (4-4)
  13. KOG (4-4)
  14. SpaceStation Gaming (3-5)
  15. Tompai Empire (3-5)
  16. QSFN (2-6)
  17. Unicorn of Love (2-6)
  18. S8ul (1-7)
Image credit: Northern Arena

As you can see, Monster have been handed their first couple of losses of the tournament, and MCES is now taking the lead. Comparatively speaking, Team Elevate and Queen Walkers have now pushed their way into the top five ranks. Although Monster is no longer maintaining the lead, they are joined by Alternate Attax in preserving their placements in the top five

The 18 Division 1 teams are all competing for their chance to secure a prize from the $10,000 CAD pool. The Northern Arena Clash of Clans Championship continues strong until the conclusion on August 28.

We’ll continue to provide updates as the Clash Championship proceeds. You can keep in step with the competition by tuning in to GINX Esports TV Canada, the Northern Arena Twitch channel, or by checking out one of the official streams.

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