MLB The Show’s new Storylines mode is putting the spotlight on The Negro Leagues

When it comes to baseball and American history, the Negro Leagues are generally less well-known than other baseball players of that era. With the release of MLB The Show 23 on the horizon, San Diego Studio is looking to expose new generations of baseball fans to these historic figures and showcase their stories of triumph over adversity.

With MLB The Show’s new Storylines mode, gamers take control of a particular player, experiencing the narrative through gameplay and short informational videos that present important moments in the player’s career.

San Diego Studio has partnered with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, as well as families of the players and NLBM President Bob Kendrick in order to recreate and bring these stories to life in gaming form.

The first season of the MLB The Show Storylines mode will introduce eight Negro League Players with stories narrated by Bob Kendrick. Season 1’s roster for MLB The Show 23 includes; Leroy “Satchel” Paige, Jackie Robinson, Andrew “Rube” Foster, Hilton Smith, Hank Thompson, John Donaldson, Martin Dihigo, and John Jordan “Buck” O’Neil.

With San Diego Studio and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum entering a multiyear partnership, the goal is to educate, enlighten, inspire, and celebrate the rich history of the MLB Negro Leagues. Going forward, each new release of MLB The Show signifies a new Season, introducing a new group of Negro League Legends and showcasing their stories year after year. In celebration of the historic partnership, San Diego Studio will be donating $1 to the NLBM for every sale of the MLB The Show 23 Collector’s Edition solid in the US until the end of the year.

The Negro League Baseball Museum is a national institution dedicated to preserving the rich history of black baseball and its impact on America, and San Diego Studio is excited to be a part of that mission. MLB The Show 23 releases on March 28, with the new Storylines mode playable on launch.

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